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А-ПарA-steam – a disinfection antiparasitic.

Form of release and structure

A-steam is produced in the form of an aerosol with the content of active agents:

  • 2,52% of a piperonilbutoksid;
  • 0,315% of an esdepalletrin.

Hladona are not a part of means.

In aerosol cans with the valve of continuous action of 200 cm3 (125 g).

Indications to use

A-steam, according to the instruction, is intended for extermination of louses and itch mites on bedding and clothes of people which are infected with a pediculosis and a mange. Means is effective also for the disinfection of objects of use and textiles which are not subject to heat treatment.

The aerosol should be applied after processing by drug Spregal. Disinfection allows to avoid risk of repeated infection.


According to the instruction, A-steam has no contraindications to use, however it is undesirable to pregnant women and the feeding women to carry out such processing.

It is necessary to be careful to the people having hypersensitivity to the active agents which are a part of means and also patients with bronchial asthma and obstructive bronchitis.

Route of administration and dosage

Spray an aerosol from distance of 30-40 cm, periodically pressing a barrel head with means.

Those things which the infected person used for 3-4 days before diagnosing of a disease are subject to processing.

Use of A-couples is effective for disinfection of things of private use which cannot be washed or stroked: pillows, blankets, mattresses, outerwear, and also floors, walls, door handles, furniture, etc.

Aerosol bedding is subject to double processing, with special care seams and folds on clothes are sprayed.

In the instruction it is specified that in order to avoid a recurrence of disinfection also personal belongings of those who live together with the infected pediculosis and a mange the person are subject.

It is necessary to spend 14 g of A-couples for 1 square meter of the room. This amount of drug is sprayed at deduction of a head of a barrel in the pressed state for 14 seconds.

One cylinder is enough for processing of a set of things of several people or 9 square meters of the room.

After use of A-couples does not leave on the processed surface of spots therefore the things which underwent processing do not demand additional washing, but it is possible to use them only in 2-3 hours after disinfection when the specific smell of means disappears.

It is recommended to spray an aerosol at a temperature of +10 °C and above.

Side effects

When processing local allergic reactions can arise means of things in not aired room: lachrymation, burning and reddening of mucous. In some cases A-steam can cause irritation of respiratory tracts.

Special instructions

Processing should be carried out in the aired room at open windows. Before use of a thing it is necessary to air before total disappearance of a smell of means.

Use of A-couples near naked flame or not cooled down heating devices is forbidden.

If means got on skin or into eyes, they should be washed out water.


The analogs of A-couples causing death of an itch mite and louses are outside medicines Benzyl benzoate, Spregal, Sulfodekortem, Bensokril, Antiskab, Vilkinson's ointment, tincture of the False hellebore, Chemerichnaya water.

Terms and storage conditions

A-steam can be bought without recipe of the doctor. It is necessary to store means in places unavailable to children separately from foodstuff. The cylinder cannot be sorted and subjected to influence of direct sunshine. Period of validity of 5 years.

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