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Argon oil

Argon oil is received from Argania tree fruits prickly which grows in Algeria and Morocco.

Useful properties of argon oil

Chemical Аргановое масло получают из плодов дерева Аргания колючаяcomposition of oil does it unique – it contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids an omega-6, irreplaceable for maintenance of youth of skin, and the sterols possessing antiinflammatory action.

The main advantage of argon oil is that it well influences skin – is quickly absorbed, heals small wounds, grazes, cuts, thermal burns. Judging by responses, argon oil in power to smooth superficial wrinkles and scars, to tighten face contours.

Also such useful properties of argon oil are known: soothing, moistening, antioxidant, tonic.

Use of argon oil

Use oil generally in cosmetology. Regular external use of argon oil as means for care of face skin gives the chance to prevent its early aging, to correct the shortcomings which appeared with age.

It is possible to apply oil on skin in pure form for the night, using it instead of face cream. If there is no tendency to a blockage of a time, it is possible to apply oil over usual night cream.

Also oil is applied on skin around eyes. It is noticed that oil influences a deep layer of skin – a derma that is important for thin, sensitive and early the growing old skin near eyes.

If skin problem, can help mix from the argon oil and oil of black caraway seeds taken in equal parts. It is applied every day pointwise on spots also by eels in the morning and in the evening before recovery of skin.

The advantage of argon oil for cosmetology is not limited to it. It is already noticed that it can be used for care of hair and nails. For maintenance dry, fragile, inclined to a hair loss, oil is regular for the night rub in roots. Such use of argon oil gives the chance to make hair soft, to eliminate a head xeroderma.

In order that nails ceased to break often, it is regularly necessary to rub argon oil for the night in nail plates.

Oil of fruits an argania can help also with prevention of extensions on a body. For this purpose mix a tablespoon of argon oil with 5-7 drops of essential oil of not role or tangerine oil, apply the received mix on skin of hips, a stomach, mass skin until oils are absorbed.

There are reviews of the argon oil which is applied to the prevention of emergence of extensions as a part of other mix: 50 ml of oil an argania mix with 3 drops radio tangerine and 3 drops radio lemon oils. Use mix in the above described way.

For elimination of extensions on a breast use means which part are: 10 ml of argon oil, 30 ml of oil of a dogrose, on 2 ml of essential oils of an immortelle, ladanum gum, on 3 ml of essential oils of a geranium, a pink tree, a myrtle. Means is applied daily in the morning and in the evening on extensions and carefully mass them from edges to the center so that they met. The feeding and pregnant women cannot use such mix. And that who nurses for prevention and elimination of extensions on a breast it is better for future mothers to use argon oil in pure form, and only after consultation with the observing gynecologist.

The advantage of argon oil is shown also at its internal use: it promotes decrease in level of cholesterol, Аргановое масло в упаковкеimprovement of cardiac performance, a condition of vessels, a potentiality, a metabolism, immunity, blood circulation. It is inside better to accept oil from not fried fruits an argania, on 1-2 teaspoons on an empty stomach. It is noticed that oil perfectly tones up therefore it is better to drink it in the mornings. Judging by responses, argon oil will prove in two weeks of its daily use.

It is important to that who watches weight to know that the caloric content of 100 grams of oil of fruits an argania makes 828 calories.


Argon oil cannot be used outwardly and inside if its intolerance is revealed. Other serious contraindications of oil are not recorded.

Whether you know that:

There are very curious medical syndromes, for example, persuasive swallowing objects. In a stomach of one patient suffering from this mania 2500 foreign objects were revealed.