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The inflammatory processes arising at obstruction of channels of bartolinovy gland carry the name a bartholinitis. As the reasons promoting manifestation of symptoms of a bartholinitis serve various infectious activators which get to the bartolinovy canal, both a direct (sexual) way, and other (bypass) ways, for example, from the infectious center in almonds or in a painful tooth.

It should be noted that such reasons of a bartholinitis in the general statistics meet much less often. The first option of emergence of a bartholinitis – hit of an infection through external genitals in fabric of bartolinovy gland which channels are brought to an internal surface of small vulvar lips is most widespread.

Bartholinitis reasons

Причины бартолинитаTo the most common causes of a bartholinitis specialists refer insufficient attention of women to observance of rules of personal hygiene, and also the weakened immune response on infection with causative organisms.

The bartholinitis arises at invasion into an organism of the most various pathogenic activators – chlamydias, streptococci, stafilokokk, colibacillus, trichomonads, gonokokk and viruses. Often, activation of a disease happens because of influence on women's an organism of a combination of several types of harmful microorganisms.

Microbes and viruses easily overcome thin fabric walls of bartolinovy gland through its output channel opened in an entrance of the vagina (a channel exit outside is located between a back and average third of an internal surface of small vulvar lips). For this reason, the most probable way of emergence of a bartholinitis – hit of an infection from an urethra or the woman's vagina. As it was already told above, the bartholinitis reasons caused by hit of a disease-producing infection through circulatory system are theoretically also possible, but in practice meet rather seldom.

In most cases development of a bartholinitis happens unilaterally, i.e. inflames only one iron. During progressing of a disease the output channel of bartolinovy gland is blocked also the purulent secret which is quickly collecting in gland has no natural exit outside.

Further, in iron the inflammatory and extremely painful abscess (which is promptly increasing and sometimes reaching the egg sizes forms), high temperature of a body rises, periodically is shivering the patient and is in a fever. In the field of the inflamed gland the pricking, burning and the pain giving to a crotch is felt. Sometimes there is a spontaneous opening of abscess and fetid chartreuse liquid follows from it. Bartholinitis symptoms for a while abate, and the disease recedes, but after a while recurs with a new force therefore you should not delay on a visit to the doctor, especially at emergence of a bartholinitis at pregnancy.

Diagnosis of a bartholinitis

At independent diagnosis the woman can easily find the following symptoms of a bartholinitis:

- on border of the lower and average third of big vulvar lips consolidation and a swelling is probed;

- skin over the place of an inflammation red (with a cyanotic shade), hot and very painful at palpation;

- high temperature of a body (38 degrees and above);

- general weakness, slackness;

- symptoms of intoxication of an organism;

- when pressing the inflamed gland there is an acute, burning-down and intolerable pain.

In the absence of necessary treatment of a bartholinitis purulent abscess can be opened spontaneously and its contents are allocated outside, temporarily giving relief and removing stress from the inflamed fabrics. After opening of an abscess temperature at once decreases, painful feelings leave and the woman suffering from a bartholinitis can have an impression that the disease finally receded. But actually it is not true – the bartholinitis passes into a chronic stage. After short simplification, without due treatment the bartholinitis is returned and will constantly recur. The chronic bartholinitis demands a long time and more serious efforts for its treatment, both from the patient, and from the doctor.

At long uncured existence of a chronic bartholinitis the sick woman has a risk of formation of a cyst of bartolinovy gland.

If you independently found in yourself the above described symptoms of a bartholinitis, the timely address to the gynecologist is necessary for establishment of the exact diagnosis and timely treatment.

For diagnosis of a bartholinitis the gynecologist will perform standard inspection internal and external genitals of the woman. Allocations from a channel of bartolinovy gland will be sent to a microbiological laboratory research for exact establishment of disease-producing factors. When opening purulent abscess also its contents will be sent for crops. Results of laboratory researches will allow to exclude existence of heavy infections and to appoint to the woman sick with a bartholinitis the correct drug treatment.

Bartholinitis symptoms

Symptoms of a bartholinitis differ depending on character of its current. The acute bartholinitis proceeds, as a rule, with formation of false abscess, with an acute pain and sharp deterioration in health. Morbidity in the field of abscess reaches such degree that the patient cannot independently move. Symptoms of a bartholinitis remain until the abscess does not break independently or will not be opened in medical institution. At spontaneous opening purulent contents of abscess expire not completely, symptoms of a bartholinitis fade and the disease passes into a chronic stage.

Symptoms of a chronic bartholinitis are shown usually in the period of periods, after the postponed overcooling of an organism, in the period of seasonal infectious diseases and against the background of the general decrease in immunity. At a chronic bartholinitis not so intensive morbidity as at its acute current, body temperature seldom rises to high marks, efficiency of the woman most often does not decrease.

Especially attentive relation is demanded by a bartholinitis at pregnancy. The pyogenic infection which served as a disease origin can break a placental barrier and get to circulatory system of yet not born child. Extremely dangerous effects are possible in the first trimester of pregnancy when all future systems and bodies of the kid are put and form.

Treatment of a bartholinitis

Лечение бартолинита генфероном

Treatment of a bartholinitis has to be carried out in a hospital under constant control of specialists. After opening of purulent abscess and its drainage the gynecologist, as a rule, appoints the corresponding treatment antibiotics and sulphamide drugs. If necessary the issue of full removal of bartolinovy gland is resolved and enucleating is carried out it.

After an extract from a hospital for prevention and prevention of emergence of symptoms of a bartholinitis on the other hand the woman needs to follow rules of personal hygiene strictly. As independent measures, it is possible to advise periodic acceptance of sedentary bathtubs with divorced (poorly pink) solution of potassium permanganate or broth of a camomile. Time of acceptance of a similar bathtub – about twenty minutes.

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