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МумиеMummy – a natural biostimulator.

Pharmacological action

The mummy is a pitch which is collected in mountains at the height of 3500 m.

As a part of a mummy there are biologically active agents (about 80 components): vegetable antibiotics, anticoagulants, silicon, vanadium, sulfur, iron, magnesium, tin, molybdenum, strontium, copper, manganese, silver, nickel, helium, chrome, bismuth, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, amino acids (a lysine, valine, threonine, methionine, a histidine, tryptophane and others), fatty acids, oils radio, some vitamins from group B, a chlorophyll, hormones, enzymes.

Thanks to curative properties of components, pitch possesses the antiinflammatory, rejuvenating, regenerating, fortifying action, effectively kills pain, eliminates negative effects of radio - and chemotherapy, heals bone changes and wounds, improves appetite, a dream, suppresses growth of tumors.

Outwardly use mummies from extensions, it is also useful for a mummy for hair.

Release form

Mummies in pharmaceutical industry apply to production of ointments, solutions.

Also good reviews of a mummy, applied in pure form, or mixed independently with water, milk, honey.

Indications to Mumiye's use

The positive effect gives treatment of a mummy of ulcers of a GIT, gastritis, colitis, venous thrombophlebitis of legs, the burns infected and purulent wounds, fistulas, purulent ulcers, purulent otitis, pathologies of hearing, an inflammation of a middle ear, tuberculosis of bones, cold, quinsy, an allergy, cough, acute respiratory diseases, asthma bronchial, dislocations, injuries of a breast, fractures of bones, bruises and stretchings.

Use of a mummy is shown at pathologies of generative women's organs (erosion on a neck of uterus, vagina walls), at female and male infertility, weak sexual function at men, at diseases of nervous peripheral trunks, disturbances in work of a musculoskeletal system (a plexitis, radiculitis, neuralgia), periodontosis, a frontal sinusitis, joint pains, adjournment of salts, antritis.

There are reviews of a mummy, successfully applied to elimination of heartburn, vomiting and nausea, an eructation, to treatment of hemorrhoids, prevention of flu.

Apply to hair of a mummy in cases when they are whipped or drop out.


It is impossible to apply to treatment of a mummy without appointment of the doctor, in the overestimated dosages, at intolerance of means.

There are no direct contraindications on use of a mummy during a lactation, pregnancy.

Application instruction of Mumiye

Use of a mummy is inside shown at various gastrointestinal diseases, thrombophlebitis, tuberculosis of bones, respiratory diseases (solution can be mixed with milk, honey), bronchial asthma, hemorrhoids (combine external and internal use).

Мумие от растяжекIt is desirable to accept solution of pitch right after awakening in the mornings (or in 3 h after the last meal, for the night). It is possible to apply ready solution, it is possible to do it independently: to dissolve pitch in water with honey, milk different juice (for example, cucumber, grape) in a proportion 1:20 (two or three tablespoons).

To children of a mummy it is shown in such dosages: 3mes-1g – 0,01-0,02gr, to children 1-3g – 0,05gr, to children 3-14l – 0,1gr. Take adults for treatment of a mummy in a dosage 0,2-0,3gr.

Course of treatment mummy solution – 25-28dn if the disease is started, through 10dn it is possible to repeat a course.

External use of pitch (ointment or solution) is practiced at hemorrhoids, injuries and bruises, purulent wounds and ulcers, burns (process solution 10%), radiculitis, neuralgia, a plexitis (solution is rubbed in skin over the place of defeat).

For treatment of inflammations of acoustic organs solution can be dug in in an ear.

For strengthening of hair of a mummy rub in head skin (for bigger effect pitch can be mixed with honey or sea-buckthorn juice). For elimination of an itch of the head, dandruff from roots of a burdock add a mummy to warm broth and rub this solution in roots or rinse hair after washing.

Apply to the whipped hair of a mummy, mixing with broth of mint and leaves of a burdock. It is better to apply such solution on all length of hair, paying attention to the damaged sites.

Positive reviews about a mummy which for saving of time is added to usual shampoo for washing of hair also aqueous solution it is possible just to spray hair.

Treatment of a mummy of the weakened, dropping out hair lasts usually 10-14dn, procedures are carried out 2-3r/week.

The mummy from extensions helps. For elimination of these defects on skin it is better to prepare cream independently – for bigger effect. It is possible to use for preparation of outside means factory capsules or tablets of a mummy. To prepare cream from a mummy from extensions, it is necessary to take 2-3gr substances, to dissolve in one spoon of tea warm and boiled water, to add one-two portions of usual body cream, to insist 10-15min. It is better to mix all components in a nonmetallic cup. Such cream from a mummy from extensions can be applied on the steamed-out skin (massage roundabouts) injured better right after preparation, it is possible to store some time it in cold.

Side effects

Uncontrollable use of a mummy in high doses can provoke local and general toxic reactions. There can be diarrhea, nervous breakdowns, heartbeat, twitchings of hands and legs, increase in pressure, irritability and excitability.

Also there are reviews of a mummy, causing allergic reactions because of individual intolerance.

The prices in Internet drugstores:

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Mummy the Altai 200 mg No. 20 cleared тбл, Narin (Altai Krai)

67 rub.

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Mummy Altai, capsules of 20 pieces

77 rub.

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Sea-buckthorn from a mummy forte cream-balm of wound healing 75 ml, Dina + Ltd company

85 rub.

Сеть московских аптек ИФКNetwork of the Moscow drugstores of IFC

Mummy of a tablet 200 of mg of 60 pieces

104 rub.

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Mummy Altai cleared, piece tablets 200MG 20

106 rub.

Аптека вер.ру, ОООApteka вер.ру, LLC

Mummy the Gold Altai 200 mg No. 20 cleared тбл, Evalar (Biysk)

124 rub.

Сеть московских аптек ИФКNetwork of the Moscow drugstores of IFC

Mummy Gold Cleared by tablet No. 60

252 rub.

Аптека вер.ру, ОООApteka вер.ру, LLC
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