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Pharmacological action

A-tserumen represents multipurpose otolaryngologic means for washing of ear pass. According to the instruction to A-tserumenu, active ingredients of drug are TEA-kokoilgidrolizovanny collagen, кокобетаин and PEG 120 - methylglucazadioleate. Surfactants which surface-active effect promotes dissolution of cerumen impactions in outside acoustical pass are a part of A-tserumena active agents, and also prevents their education.

Indications to use A-tserumena

Positive reviews about A-tserumene confirm expediency of its use in some cases:

  • for prevention of accumulation of an earwax;
  • for dissolution of already available cerumen impactions;
  • at respect for regular hygiene of ears, including after stay in dusty places or long contact with water, and also when using the hearing aid or a telephone font.

Route of administration A-tserumena

According to the instruction, A-tserumen it is recommended for use by the adult and to children 2,5 years are more senior. Drug temperature at the time of use has to be within the body temperature of the patient.

It is necessary to apply to prevention of accumulation of an earwax and regular hygiene A-tserumen twice a week. For washing of already available cerumen impactions drug is recommended to be used in the morning and in the evening within 3-4 days.

Рекомендованное использование А-церумена при наличии серных пробок - 3-4 дня In the instruction to A-tserumenu the following scheme of use is specified: it is necessary to pour in a half of contents of a bottle in an ear, keeping the recorded position of the head within one minute after administration of drug. After one minute the head needs to be inclined so that remains A-tserumena and the dissolved cerumen impaction flowed out. Efficiency of such clarification of acoustical pass as responses about A-tserumene testify, will be increased if at the end of the procedure to wash out an ear clear water or 0,9% of normal saline solution. This scheme of administration of drug should be repeated also for other ear.

Side effects

In the instruction to A-tserumenu data on negative reactions to drug use are not specified.

Also information and on overdose and interaction A-tseramena with other medicines is not specified.


A-tserumen solution is not recommended for use in some cases:

  • hypersensitivity to the A-tserumena components;
  • perforation of a tympanic membrane;
  • acute otitis of infectious and inflammatory genesis;
  • existence of the shunt in a tympanic membrane or 6-12 months after its removal.

The age less than 2,5 years and morbidity of acoustical pass is demanded by consultations from the doctor concerning expediency of use of this drug.

Additional information

Period of validity A-tserumena makes 3 years, however the opened bottle should be used within a day. It is necessary to store drug at a temperature which is not exceeding 300C in places to which access for children is prohibited.

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