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Acidophilus milk

Acidophilus milk – the product received by souring of cow's milk, a past preliminary Ацидофилин в упаковкеpasterizatsiyupr to temperature not below 32-33 degrees Celsius. Process of souring continues within 10 hours, with the participation of the special bacteria promoting this process. The acidophilic stick is usually used, but also other microorganisms (a lactic streptococcus or a kefiric fungus) can be applied.

After completion of process of preparation, the product similar to kefir, but having more acutate taste and a dense consistence turns out. For improvement of tastes add sugar and various juice to acidophilus milk.

Useful properties of acidophilus milk

The advantage of acidophilus milk is caused by lactose zymolysis that allows a product to be acquired better in a digestive tract of the person. Lactose in itself (milk sugar) does not bear harm if digestive tract of the person excretes enough enzyme of lactase which digests milk sugar. But if enzyme is emitted insufficiently, then symptoms of gastrointestinal frustration appear: nausea, abdominal distention, diarrhea and vomiting. The use of acidophilus milk in reasonable quantities excludes similar situations.

But only the etimpolza of acidophilus milk is not limited. The acidophilic stick which is an acidophilus milk ferment basis allocates antibiotics which pathogenic microorganisms of digestive tract are capable to suppress. Thanks to an acidophilic stick, intestinal microflora and a stomach is normalized that positively influences the general state of health and health of the person.

Besides, acidophilus milk contains vitamins C, A and PP, and also such useful minerals as molybdenum, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium.

Acidophilus milk has the low caloric content which makes about 59 kcal on 100 g of a product. This indicator allows to include acidophilus milk in a diet of people with an excess weight and obesity, by drawing up complex diets. It is necessary to remember that at different types of acidophilus milk caloric content can differ considerably. A determinal factor is fat content of drink. The fat content is higher, the energy value of acidophilus milk is higher. Detailed information on caloric content usually is specified on packaging.

According to reviews acidophilus milk perfectly is suitable for baby food. The matter is that the acidophilic stick belongs to normal intestinal microflora of the child, and the regular use of acidophilus milk allows to support the necessary quantity of this species of bacteria in digestive tract of the growing organism.

Good reviews of acidophilus milk are noted after long reception of antibiotics. The majority of antibacterial drugs on an equal basis with causative organisms destroy also the useful microflora necessary for full work of intestines. Bystry and effective recovery of normal microflora when using this product in food is very important for full-fledged life and health.

Acidophilus milk Ацидофилин в банкеperfectly is suitable for food of residents of large megalopolises whose ecological situation leaves much to be desired. Acidophilus milk by means of normalization of work of intestines influences formation of immunity and protects the person from various infectious diseases.

Harm of acidophilus milk

Harm from acidophilus milk is shown seldom, but it is necessary to remember that such situations can take place. As a rule, harm from acidophilus milk is shown at its unlimited consumption or individual intolerance. From an overeating this product acidity of gastric contents can increase that is shown by heartburn and discomfort in a stomach.

If there is an allergic reaction to acidophilus milk, then it is, as a rule, shown in the form of punctulate or a menocelis. Also the people having gastritises with a hyperoxemia should refrain from the acidophilus milk use – this product will raise it even more.

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