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Alflutop – the combined medicinal drug-hondroprotektor regulating metabolism in cartilage tissues. Reviews of Alflutop confirm high medical performance of drug. This medicine facilitates a physical activity of the injured joint, increases the volume of its movements.Хондропротектор Алфлутоп

Structure and form of release

In the instruction to Alflutop it is told that this medicine represents a bioactive concentrate from an anchovy Black Sea, a merlanga Black Sea, a Black Sea shad Black Sea and small sea fish. An active part of a product includes mucopolysaccharides, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, polypeptides, amino acids, кератан sulfate. Also macrocells, ions of copper, magnesium, zinc, sodium and potassium are a part of drug micro. Phenol and water for injections acts as auxiliary components. The most important components of drug are proteoglycans and chondroitin sulfate. Alflutop is deprived of proteins and is fat-free.

This medicine is produced in the form of the solution for injections placed in ampoules on 1 ml. In one cardboard box there are ten ampoules.


Alflutop's analogs are absent. Though Alflutop has no structural analogs, but there are medicines with similar action. These medicines are united in group of proofreaders of metabolism of a cartilaginous and bone tissue. Aktonel, Aklasta, Alostin, Aredia, Aminoartrin, Artrin, Blaztera, Bivalos, Glyukozamin, Zometa, Inoptra, Mukosat, Ostalon, Osteokhin, Osteogenon, Sinovial, Rumalonum, Etalfa, Elbona, Tevanat, Takhistin, Tridin, Struktum, Klobir, Kaltsitonin and others carry to them.

Pharmacological action

In reviews of Alflutop it is said that this product possesses anesthetic and antiinflammatory action. Hondroprotektorny effect of drug consists in decrease of the activity of the separate enzymes playing a role in destruction of a matrix between cells. Regular use of a medicine promotes improvement of quality of synovial fluid due to activation of synthesis of hyaluronic acid and suppression of activity of hyaluronidase. Drug interferes with destruction of structure of cartilaginous tissues of joints, increases a trophicity and activates processes of recovery in them. Alflutop's proteoglycans promote increase in uniformity of thickness of a cartilage and tissues of a bone, and also hydrophily MRT-indicators.

This medicine helps to recover synthesis of prostaglandins at digestive tract diseases, and also to reduce terms of epithelization of erosive and ulcer defects against the background of antiulcerous treatment.

In addition drug reduces concentration of seromucoid, globulins, fibrinogen, leukocytes and the S-reactive protein in synovial fluid. Also Alflutop condenses capillaries and reduces their permeability.

Indications to use

Alflutop's use is shown also at dystrophic and degenerative damages of joints.

In the instruction to Alflutop it is specified that drug can be used at an osteoarthrosis of small and big joints of hands and legs, a spondylosis, a gonartroza, a coxarthrosis, fibromyalgia, a periodontopathy, and also in the recovery period after joint operation.

Route of administration

At a polyosteoarthrosis and osteochondrosis Alflutop, according to the instruction, it is necessary to enter intramusculary (1 ml a day). In total it is necessary to carry out twenty injections. It is reasonable to repeat a course of treatment in three months.Лекарственная форма Алфлутопа - раствор для инъекций

At injury of joints Alflutop according to indications it is necessary to enter vnutrisustavno (1-2 ml into each joint). Between injections it is recommended to observe an interval (3-4 days). In total it is necessary to enter five-six injections into each joint. The course should be repeated in half a year.

Complex use of intramuscular and intra joint injections is considered more effective.

At Alflutop's use the antiinflammatory effect is usually noticeable by indications for the eighth day of therapy.

Contraindications to use

Alflutop's use is contraindicated at pregnancy and a lactation, and also at intolerance of the medicine and its components. It is not recommended to appoint drug at children's and youthful age as there are no data on safety and efficiency of use of this means in this age group.

Side effect

In some reviews of Alflutop it is said that at the beginning of use of drug short-term strengthening of pain in joints due to activation of metabolism and blood circulation is sometimes observed. At Alflutop's use according to indications the short-term mialgiya, erubescence, an itch, allergic reactions, irritation in a drug injection site sometimes appear.

Terms and storage conditions

Drug is recommended to be stored in the cool, protected from sunshine place unavailable to children. Storage temperature – from 8 to 15 °C. A period of storage – 2 years.

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