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АливАлив – a synthetic medicine with antiinflammatory, analgeziruyushchy and febrifugal action.

Form of release and structure

Алив produce in the form of coated tablets with contents 220 mg of Naproxenum of sodium salt. On 10 pieces in the blister.

Indications to use

The medicine of Aliv relating to nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs is appointed at degenerative and inflammatory diseases of skeletal and muscular system: gouty, chronic, juvenile and pseudorheumatism, osteoarthrosis, ankylosing spondylarthritis.

Use Aliva effectively at the pains arising at a mialgiya, neuralgia, a tendinitis, an arthralgia, radiculitis, oncological diseases, an adnexitis, algodismenory and also at tooth, head, posttraumatic, postoperative, puerperal pain.

Also in the instruction to Alivu it is specified that it is possible to appoint drug at inflammations of the ENT organs of infectious character proceeding with the expressed pain syndrome (otitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis) and for elimination of the fever arising at cold and infectious diseases.


Use Aliva is forbidden at acute erosive cankers of a GIT, oppression of the hemopoietic process in marrow, a renal and liver failure, during a lactation, pregnancy, at the bronchial "aspirinovy" asthma proceeding along with a chronic polipoz of a nose and nasal bosoms against the background of intolerance of drugs of a pyrazolon row (a "aspirinovy" triad).

The medicine is contraindicated to children about one year.

With care appoint Aliv to patients 16 years and against the background of chronic heart failure are younger.

Route of administration and dosage

At the acute course of a disease of Aliv appoint 0,5-0,75 g twice a day. The most admissible daily dosage – 1,75 g.

For performing the supporting treatment appoint 500 mg Aliva in day which divide into 2 receptions.

For stopping of a bad attack of gout accept 825 mg of a medicine in the beginning, then each 8 hours on 275 mg.

At painful periods (algodismenory) it is necessary to accept an initial dose of 500 mg, then within 3-4 days on 275 mg each 6-8 hours.

For treatment of migraine the recommended dosage Aliva makes 500 mg.

Side effects

Reception Aliva can cause the following side effects:

  • From system of a hemopoiesis - aplastic, hemolitic anemia, thrombocytopenia, a granulocytopenia;
  • From respiratory system - eosinophilic pneumonia;
  • From a digestive tract - GIT erosive cankers, nausea, vomiting, discomfort in epigastriums, disturbances of work of a liver;
  • From bodies of urination - disturbance of work of kidneys;
  • From a nervous system - hearing disorder, drowsiness, delay of speed of psychomotor reactions, a headache;
  • allergic reactions - skin rash, a small tortoiseshell, a Quincke's edema.

At overdose nausea, drowsiness, heartburn, vomiting arise medicine. Treat overdose Aliva, according to the instruction, a gastric lavage with the subsequent reception of absorbent carbon (0,5 g/kg). Carrying out dialysis is considered inefficient.

Special instructions

In case of need researches for definition of 17 ketosteroids of Aliv cancel in 48 hours prior to its carrying out.

At long reception it is recommended to control functions of kidneys and a liver, and also composition of peripheral blood.

When performing therapy it is necessary to consider that the medicine increases a bleeding time.


Drugs belong to analogs Aliva:

  • On active agent – Nalgezin, Naproksen-ICN, Naproxenum;
  • On the action mechanism – Bystrumkaps, Ibuklin, Artrokam, Ibuprom, Bonifen, Advil, Brustan, the Nurofen, Ketonal, Faspik, Solpafleks, OKA, Novigan, Artrozilen, Ibufenum, the Ibuprofen, Vimovo, Artrum, Brustan, Hayrumat, Nekst, Ketoprofen, Fleksen, Flamaks, Rakstan-Sanovel.

Terms and storage conditions

Алив it is released from drugstores without recipe. To store at a temperature below 25 °C. A period of validity of tablets – 3 years.

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