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Амоксил таблетки

Amoksil is the antibiotic relating to group of aminopenicillin, possessing a broad spectrum of activity.

Pharmacological action

Active ingredient of Amoksil - amoxicillin trihydrate. Amoxicillin is an aminopenicillin of a synthetic origin which has bactericidal property, but is not sensitive to microorganisms which develop a penicillinase, and to some other.

As a part of Amoksil there is clavulanic acid that does him steady against a penicillinase, reduces cross immunity to drugs of antimicrobic action.

Release form

Produce Amoksil in tablets 625, 500, 250 mg, and also in the form of powder for infusions 1,2g.

Indications to Amoksil's use

According to the instruction Amoksil appoint at such diseases:

  • infections of a GIT and gepatobiliarny system;
  • infections of kidneys and urinary tract;
  • infections of a bone tissue, joints;
  • infections of soft tissues and skin.

Amoksil's use at infectious complications after operations is effective.

In combination with klaritromitsiny or metronidazole Amoksil apply at treatment of peptic ulcers of a digestive tract, gastritis chronic.

Amoksil routes of administration

Following the instruction Amoksil enter infusionally and orally.

Амоксил порошокInfusional (intravenous) introduction is carried out struyno or kapelno with an interval of 8-12 h. Amoksil's solution is entered right after cultivation of powder and after that is not stored.

Sredneterapevtichesky dose of Amoksil for adults – 1000/200mg with an interval of 8 h. The most admissible dose – 100/200mg with an interval of 6 h.

At operative measures enter to anesthesia a single dose of Amoksil 1000/200mg, later in the same volume each six hours.

At treatment of children Amoksil apply in such dosages: up to 3 months (weighing up to 4 kg) enter once 25/5mg on one kilogram of weight in each 12 h. Since 3 months to 12 l. (the weight more than 4 kg) enter 25/5mg on each kilogram with an interval of 8 h.

Reception of tablets of Amoksil is not connected with meal, it is necessary to swallow of them entirely. Amoksil's pill with an interval of 8 hours is taken.

According to the instruction Amoksil to children appoint in the following order: 1-2 years – 30 mg a day on one kilogram of weight. From 2 to 5 l. – 125 mg at one time. From 5-10 l. – 250 mg at one time. From 10 l. (at body weight more than 40 kg) – 250-500mg at one time. The maximum children's dose of Amoksil in tablets – 60 mg on one kilogram a day.

Adults Amoksil in tablets are given 250-500 mg. At serious conditions – 1 g.

Side effects

Amoksil can cause allergic reactions: a small tortoiseshell, a Quincke's edema, an erythema, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, is more rare – in the form of an eosinophilia, a joint pain, fever, an acute anaphylaxis.

Also diarrhea, vomiting, emergence of superinfections, nausea against the background of Amoksil's use are possible.

When using Amoksil's along with metronidazole anorexia, nausea, a lock, vomiting, diarrhea, colitis pseudomembranous, stomatitis, a glossitis, painful feelings in epigastric area are possible, more rare there are hepatitis, hemopoiesis disturbances, nephrite intersticial.

At prolonged use of Amoksil spasms, dizziness, a depression, a loss of consciousness, an ataxy, neuropathy periodic were observed.


In Amoksil's instruction it is specified that it is impossible to accept drug if the patient has a hypersensitivity to penicillin, cephalosporins. Also Amoksil do not apply at a mononucleosis of infectious character, at pregnancy, feeding by a breast, hemopoiesis disturbances, a lymphoid leukosis, diseases of a nervous system.

Besides, with sensitivity to nitroimidazole derivatives, it is impossible to apply Amoksil along with metronidazole.

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