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Babezioz – the acute infectious disease which is characterized by organism intoxication, development of anemia, fever and the heavy progressing current. Babezioz proceeds with display of jaundice, fever, a haemoglobinuria and anemia.Переносчики бабезиоза - аргасовые клещи

The disease on all continents except for Antarctic is widespread. The most often this disease meets in Europe (Yugoslavia, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, Poland, France) and on east coast of America. Dogs, small and cattle, field mice and other rodents, cats are subject to most of all disease. Every year only in Europe several tens of thousands of a disease of domestic animals are registered. A carrier of a babezioz is the eurysynusic pasturable tick of Ixodes ricinus and argasovy mites.

Meets бабезиоз and for the person - it was for the first time diagnosed in 1957 in Yugoslavia. Shepherds, agricultural workers, tourists during the spring and autumn period get sick, as a rule.

What provokes бабезиоз at the person?

The activator of a babezioz is carried to a class of protozoa. In the person the disease is caused by three types of babeziya: in America - Babesia micron, in Europe - Babesia divergens, rodhaini. Today in the world literature only about 100 cases of a babezioz at the person, the majority of which had a lethal outcome, were described.

Persons with sharp disturbances in work of immune system, in particular HIV-positive people and people after a splenectomy are more subject to a disease. At people with normally functioning immune system бабезиоз proceeds asymptomatically.

Symptoms of a babezioz

At infection through ticks duration of an incubation interval makes 10-15 days, and at infection babeziozy through blood – 6-12 days. Patients have a sharp temperature increase to 40-41 degrees, breath becomes frequent, cardiac performance is broken. The general depression, is possible alternation of diarrhea with locks, there is a sharp weight reduction.Чередование диареи с запорами - один из симптомов бабезиоза у детей

Yields of milk at cattle decrease several times. At the same time milk becomes yellow color, sometimes even reddish, and on taste – with bitterish smack. On the second - third day of a disease urine with blood appears. At sick sheep quite often there comes abortion. Duration of the acute period of a disease makes 4-8 days. The lethality at a babezioza at cattle makes about 40%, and at small – 80%.

At the person бабезиоз preferential develops against the background of reduced immunity (patients with AIDS, elderly people and in recent time the transferred serious illness and operations). The first cases of a babezioz at the person were recorded only in the second half of last century. As a rule, бабезиоз is complicated by an acute renal failure, acute multiorgan and a renal liver failure. Significantly nonspecific pneumonia worsens the forecast. Active work on improvement of level of diagnosis of a babezioz at the person in many countries is at the moment carried out.

Treatment of a babezioz

The good medical effect at a babezioza is rendered berenit, acaprin, гемоспоридин, наганин, тиарген, альбаргин, etc. Sick animals need to provide absolute rest, to provide with a juicy and green forage.

At severe forms of a babezioz at the person apply combinations of quinine and clindamycin, or an atovakvon and azithromycin. In extremely difficult cases hemotransfusion can be required.

In case of lack of adequate treatment approximately in 50-80% the lethal outcome is possible. At timely provided medical care the forecast of a babezioz preferential favorable.

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