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Basil – an aromatic plant which came to us from the East. It has more than 60 versions, but most often there is a speech about Ocimumbasilicum – a basilica fragrant which is known to us, first of all, as seasoning in cookery. Besides the plant has medicinal properties and is widely used in medicine, perfumery and cosmetology.

Зеленый базилик

The estimated homeland of a basil – Africa and the Southern Asia. In India this plant is considered sacred along with a lotus. In Egypt the basil was used at a mummifying of Pharaohs, also magic properties were attributed to it. The basil is brought to Europe in the 12th century, and at first was preferential used as an adornment and medical plant.

The basil was considered as a mascot of family wellbeing, and was considered to have a pot with this plant obligatory houses. And only in the 18th century it began to be used as seasoning in cookery. So than the basil is useful?

Medicinal properties of a basil

  • Protection of an organism at the cellular level;
  • Antibacterial;
  • Antiinflammatory;
  • Source of vitamins and microelements;
  • Diuretic;
  • Antiemetic;
  • Tonic;
  • Appetite stimulation.

Cellular protection:

Leaves of a basil contain a significant amount of essential oils which composition is unique. Special substances – flavonida – provide protection of cells of an organism against radiation and external negative impacts.

Antibacterial action:

Antibacterial action of this plant is explained by presence of special components as a part of essential oils (an estragoal, эвенгол, limonene, linalyl ester) which are capable to suppress growth of such microorganisms as colibacillus, golden staphylococcus, a pyocyanic stick. Use of a basil as seasoning in a dry or fresh look is prevention of intestinal infections.

Antiinflammatory action:

Antiinflammatory action is explained by availability of substance – eugenol which blocks the specific enzyme participating in reaction of an inflammation. Effect of eugenol is similar to such drugs as aspirin, paracetamol. Therefore the basil is useful to people with the available chronic inflammatory processes – a pseudorheumatism, chronic colitis, etc.

Source of vitamins and microelements:

Leaves of a basil contain a set of vitamins and microelements. So, the basil is a source of B2, C, P, K vitamins, the predecessor of vitamin A (carotene). Magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium – also contain in this medical plant. Such rich structure promotes multilateral impact on a human body – strengthens walls of vessels, improves inflow of blood to a cardiac muscle, reduces risk of developing of arrhythmia, promotes decrease in cholesterol, improves growth of hair and nails.

Other properties:

Use of a basil is justified at diseases of kidneys as it possesses soft diuretic action. Also some components of essential oils help to cope with an urolithiasis.

The basil makes favorable impact on digestive tract, improves appetite, has antiemetic property, reduces a meteorism (gas generation), helps at digestive disturbances.

Use of a basil in medicine

Use of a basil in medicine is really many-sided. As the basil possesses antibacterial and antiinflammatory action, its broth is widely applied in treatment of diseases of an oral cavity and respiratory tracts. Rinsing the mountain broth of a basil is useful at ORZ, tonsillitis, stomatitises. It is also useful to accept such broth to chronic smokers. Inhalations with a basil are useful at bronchitis.

Сухой базилик

Than the basil is useful to the alimentary system? He not only stimulates appetite and production of digestive juices, but also will help to cope with nausea. Apply broths from a basil to treatment of diseases of digestive tract, it is also possible to add basil oil to water.

Pregnant women can advise basil oil from nausea at toxicosis of the first half of pregnancy, however it is necessary to consider that at the raised tone of a uterus of basilicas it is contraindicated.

Broth of a basil will help women for stimulation of a lactation, recovery of a menstrual cycle.

Tea with a basil well helps for stress coping, appetite stimulation, and for treatment of a depression.

Essential oil of a basil can be added to a bathtub for treatment of skin diseases, and also for stimulation of immunity and removal of headaches.

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