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Useful properties of broccoli

Broccoli cabbage – an annual plant from family cabbage, externally similar to a cauliflower, but dark green color and surpassing it in quantity of the contained microelements.

Капуста брокколи

Useful properties of broccoli define the nutrients which are in it. The protein which is in cabbage of broccoli (2,82g in 100 g of an edible part of a plant), we will compare on nutritiousness to protein of eggs or beef. At the same time quality of protein of broccoli is noted – the amino acids which are contained in it allow to prevent many diseases, in particular, cardiovascular.

Thanks to the contained potassium cabbage helps to remove excess of salts and water, to calcium and phosphorus – to improve a condition of a bone tissue, gland, to copper, cobalt – to stabilize hemopoiesis process, to vitamin C and zinc – to protect an organism from influence of free radicals, to vitamin B – to support a nervous system. Broccoli is rich with iodine that is important at diseases of a thyroid gland, and the regular use of this cabbage serves as good prevention of diseases of endocrine system.

Also such property of broccoli as purgation from slags, toxins is of value – cabbage contains many food fibers.

Broccoli caloric content - only 33 kcal on 100 g therefore cabbage, considering also its clearing property, advise to include in medical diets and diets for weight loss.

Broccoli well influences a condition of a retina of eyes and a crystalline lens, it is strongly recommended to be used that who undergoes treatment for a cataract, also cabbage helps to be recovered after the postponed heavy infection, improves digestion and appetite.

Use of cabbage of broccoli

Despite nutritional value and low caloric content of broccoli it is impossible to call a popular product because not all know how it is correct to make it – so that to impact it attractive relish and to keep the contained nutrients.

Crude broccoli is considered the most useful. Most often it is given sorted on inflorescences, watered with the kindled butter or olive, seasoned with pepper. It is possible to make salad from crude broccoli. Except cabbage it is necessary to take the average sizes a cucumber, tomato, leek and greens. Broccolis sort, other vegetables cut, all mix, to taste prisalivat and pepper, fill with olive oil. Such salad is very useful as it contains the mass of vitamins and cellulose.

To get used to this cabbage, it is possible to enter it into the menu gradually, adding several inflorescences of cabbage to any vegetable salad. For those who nevertheless will not be able to eat this cabbage in the raw advise to drench it with boiled water.

Besides, the boiled or baked cabbage of broccoli is a good garnish for meat, fish, from it it is possible to make vitamin cream soup. It is possible to do cheese and boiled or crude broccoli sandwiches. It is only necessary to consider that it is better to steam this cabbage only or slowly protushivy in a small amount of water. Cook broccoli no more 5-6min, at long cooking it loses about 50% of microelements.

Суп-пюре из брокколи

In the microwave oven it is not recommended to cook broccoli – loss of microelements makes about 85%.

For preparation of cream soup from broccoli it is necessary to boil and crush spinach and cabbage in the blender, to add a spoon of breadcrumbs, in a small amount of vegetable broth to part 2 tablespoons of starch, 3 tablespoons of cream or sour cream, to connect to spinach and cabbage, to bring to boiling. When giving soup can be flavored with soy sauce or lemon juice. Dietary this soup, despite the caloric content of broccoli it is impossible to call, because of existence of sour cream and starch, but nevertheless it is recommended to include regularly in the diet since correctly cooked soup contains record amount of vitamins.


It is undesirable to use broccoli at an ulcer and bleedings of a GIT, gastritis, pancreatitis.

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