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Useful properties of cowberry

Useful properties of cowberry, small evergreen bush with bright red round berries, are caused by the vital substances and vitamins which are a part of a plant.

Ягоды брусники

Plant richly food fibers and antatsita that allows to apply it to treatment of diseases of digestive tract with the lowered acidity. It is a lot of in cowberry of vitamins C, And, E and B, mineral substances – iron, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, and also in chemical composition of a plant is cinchonic, salicylic, gallic and wine acids. These properties allow to apply both berries, and plant leaves to improvement of health and bystry removal of fatigue.

Than cowberry still is useful? Being a part of a plant salicylic and benzoic acids allow to apply cowberry as an antiseptic agent. These acids provide long storage of cowberry berries fresh.

Cowberry and as an antiseptic agent of urinary tract, thanks to the ursin found in its structure that allows to use a plant at treatment of disorders of an urinary system is useful. Also cowberry is applied as disinfecting and diuretic means that it is caused by the fenologlikozida and tannins which are its part.

Cowberry is useful at the increased content of sugar in blood as it promotes decrease in level of glucose. Elderly people can use it for prevention of development of cardiovascular diseases, thanks to high content as a part of a plant of chrome, copper and mineral salts.

Antioxidant properties of cowberry use for cleaning of an organism of toxins, and also for rejuvenescence of skin to keep its color and to make more elastic.

Cowberry honey is considered very useful and is appreciated chemical composition and dietary and curative properties.

At the use of cowberry, as well as other medicinal plants, it is necessary to be sure that it gathered in environmentally friendly areas, far from thoroughfares and industrial zones as berries and leaves of cowberry absorb radionuclides. It is correct to collect cowberry leaves since early spring to the blooming period occurring usually in the middle of the summer. The leaves collected during other period can turn black when drying.

Use of cowberry

As the fortifying, antioxidant and improving exchange processes means can be eaten fresh berries or to prepare broths from cowberry leaves.

For broth 3-4 preparation teaspoons of the crushed leaves boil on the water bath of 15 minutes in 500 ml of water. Accept on a quarter of a glass several times a day. It is also possible to make Cowberry leaves as tea. It quickly takes off fatigue and well recovers forces. Broth is effective at treatment of diseases of urinogenital system, rheumatism, a diabetes mellitus, diseases of kidneys and gouts.

Cowberry juice is recommended to be drunk at gastritises with the lowered acidity, avitaminosis, anemia and as a part of juice for a lowering of arterial pressure, for example, jointly with beet.

At rheumatism and a hypertension cowberry juice which in this case has antisclerous effect and strengthens walls of vessels is also useful. Juice from fresh berries is considered a safe and effective remedy at nervoza, the increased arterial pressure and anemia at pregnancy.

At rheumatism, gout and both diuretic it is possible to eat both fresh, and soaked or boiled berries of cowberry.

Spirit setup from cowberry is recommended to accept at polyarthritises, rheumatism, stones in kidneys and a bladder. For its preparation 100 g of leaves of cowberry fill in with abrupt boiled water of 2,5 l and boil 2 hours. After that broth is filtered, add to it 250 ml of vodka and weary on fire, without bringing to boiling, 15 minutes. Cowberry tincture can be accepted it is long, before half a year, it is desirable for half an hour to food not more often than three times pass 50-100 g.

Speaking about what cowberry is useful, it is necessary to mention that the fresh and dried-up berries of cowberry apply as means against diarrhea. Also berries as fortifying and antiputrefactive means are recommended to be eaten at Qatar of a stomach, a pulmonary tuberculosis and a nephrolithiasis.

Варенье из брусники


In certain cases cowberry should be eaten with care. So, berries cannot be used after food as it can cause a digestive disturbance and lead to diarrhea.

It is also undesirable to eat in large numbers of berry of cowberry with the lowered arterial pressure, stomach ulcer and at gastritises with the increased acidity.

In addition fruits of cowberry have property to liquefy blood therefore they cannot be used at internal bleedings and in the postoperative period.

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