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Bladder leukoplakia

Симптомы лейкоплакии мочевого пузыря

Bladder leukoplakia - a chronic disease at which the cells of a transitional epithelium covering a bladder cavity are replaced with cells of a flat epithelium.

There are sites covered with a keratosic epithelium which, unlike transitional, does not protect a bladder wall from active influence of components of urine that causes a chronic inflammation.

The disease occurs at women much more often than at men, thanks to features of a structure of a female urethra because of what the bladder is more available to an infection which as it became clear, plays the leading role in emergence of a leukoplakia of a bladder.

Bladder leukoplakia reasons

The main way of hit of an infection to the bladder – ascending i.e. from external genitals. Most often a leukoplakia of a bladder the infection, sexually transmitted (I,ST) – ureaplasmas cause, mycoplasmas, trichomonads, gonokokk, chlamydias, a herpes virus. However also the descending way of infection when the infection gets into a bladder with a blood flow or a lymph from a kidney, intestines, a uterus and its appendages is possible. In this case activators are colibacillus, streptococci, staphylococcus, proteas, etc.

The factors contributing to a disease of a bladder leukoplakia are:

  • Chronic diseases of the next bodies;
  • Remote centers of persistent infection (carious teeth, chronic antritises, tonsillitis, etc.);
  • The long, exceeding admissible terms, use of an intrauterine spiral;
  • Anomalies of a structure of bodies of urinogenital system;
  • The disorder sex life, without use of means of barrier contraception;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Overcooling, chaotic way of life, stresses, insufficient rest – all those factors which reduce immunity.

Bladder leukoplakia symptoms

The main symptoms of a leukoplakia of a bladder with complaints to which patients see a doctor, are pain in a small pelvis (chronic pelvic pains) and disturbances of an urination. These symptoms can have different degree of manifestation, most brightly they are shown at a bladder neck leukoplakia – area, more this pathology subject to emergence. Pain at this disease stupid, aching, can be a constant. Patients feel discomfort in a bladder. At a bladder neck leukoplakia the urination causes the cutting pain or burning.

At an inflammation aggravation cystitis symptoms join symptoms of a leukoplakia of a bladder: the speeded-up urination, a discontinuous stream, incomplete bladder emptying during an urination, amplifies morbidity at an urination, the general state worsens.

In general, symptoms of a leukoplakia of a bladder are very similar to cystitis symptoms that often serves as the reason of diagnostic mistakes and inefficiencies of treatment. As a result of the researches conducted by urologists it was found out that the most part of the women who were unsuccessfully treated for a long time for chronic cystitis and testing a syndrome of constant pelvic pain actually suffered from a bladder neck leukoplakia that was found out after carrying out careful expanded diagnosis.

Diagnosis of a leukoplakia of a bladder

Диагностика лейкоплакии мочевого пузыря

For establishment of the diagnosis of a leukoplakia of a bladder use the next researches:

  • General, biochemical, bacteriological analyses of urine;
  • Functional trial of urine across Nechiporenko;
  • All types of analyses on existence of STD (бакпосев, mutual fund, PTsR);
  • Gynecologic inspection of the patient with obligatory capture on the analysis of vulval contents;
  • Immunnogramma;
  • Ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis;
  • Tsistoskopiya:
  • Bladder wall biopsy.

When carrying out the researches directed to detection of STD it is necessary to consider that in the period of a zatikhaniye of symptoms of a leukoplakia of a bladder analyses can not show existence of an infection. Researches in this case need to be repeated during an exacerbation of a disease, or after provocation.

Tsistoskopiya is the main method in diagnosis of a leukoplakia of a bladder, allowing to differentiate this disease with chronic cystitis.

Treatment of a leukoplakia of a bladder

Depending on a stage of process and extensiveness of defeat, choose a method of treatment of a leukoplakia of a bladder. A disease treat in the medicamentous and surgical way.

Therapeutic treatment of a leukoplakia of a bladder consists of appointment of several groups of drugs, for the purpose of combined effect on the activator and sites of fabric struck with it. The antibacterial drugs influencing the revealed microflora, anti-inflammatory, fortifying drugs, immunoproofreaders are used. For the purpose of protection of the damaged bladder wall against aggressive influence of urine use instillations (irrigation) of a bladder the drugs which are analogs of natural glikozaminoglikan (hyaluronic acid, heparin, chondroitin, etc.) – the substances recovering the damaged epithelium layer.

Widely apply physiotherapeutic treatment of a leukoplakia of a bladder: an electrophoresis of medicinal substances, laser therapy, magnetotherapy, microwave influence, i.e. all those methods which promote removal of an inflammation, food and an angenesis, elimination of commissural process which often accompanies a chronic inflammation.

In case of failure of therapeutic methods or far come disease stage, resort to surgery of a leukoplakia of a bladder. It is a last resort, but sometimes it happens in the only efficient way of treatment of a disease. At a bladder leukoplakia operation is called the TOUR – a transurethral cystectomy. It is the endoscopic operation performed by means of the cystoscope which through an urethra is entered into a bladder where by means of a special loop the affected area of fabric is cut off. The cystoscope is supplied with a fiber optic light source and the camera thanks to what operation of a leukoplakia of a bladder takes place under sight control, and there is possible a full removal of the damaged body sites at preservation of its integrity.

Bladder leukoplakia complications

Danger of a leukoplakia of a bladder, in addition to the caused inconveniences, consists in what a wall of a bladder is as a result long the proceeding inflammation is sclerosed, loses the elasticity because of what the bladder becomes malovmestimy and actually loses the function as deduction of urine happens only over 20-30 minutes then it begins to leak. Gradually the renal failure leading to death develops.

The leukoplakia of a bladder is also precancerous state, and it means that for lack of high-quality treatment it is capable to regenerate in cancer.

Considering it, treatment of a leukoplakia of a bladder has to be adequate and urgent.

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