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Varenets – the dairy drink received from baked milk. It is similar to fermented baked milk, but for its preparation Варенец — кисломолочный напиток из топленого молокаuse sour cream as ferment, and the compounding of preparation of varenets included cream. A cream shade special substances give to a product melanoidins which are formed at interaction of milk sugar and proteins at high temperature.

Varenets was traditionally cooked in Russia in the furnace. In a clay pot poured pair milk and melted it in the furnace all night long so it only pined and evaporated moisture, but did not boil. Milk became dense when it cooled down up to the temperature of a human body, added cream to it and put to the warm place at several o'clock. Varenets turned out dense so it had to be eaten with a spoon. Modern varenets of industrial production differs from a little prepared in the furnace, including a consistence – it is more liquid. But tastes its same, as well as at varenets from an oven.

In kitchens of the different people national drinks on the basis of baked milk, preparations, similar on a compounding, for example, мацун in Armenia, a yogurt in Georgia, a Turkic button are known.

Useful properties of varenets

It is known that as a part of varenets about 200 various substances which are positively influencing health of the person contain. This fermented milk product is acquired by a human body better and more stoutly, than milk, because of partial fermentation of the proteins which are its part.

Drink improves composition of normal intestinal microflora as itself is a source useful lacto-and bifidobacteria which competitively prevent processes of putrefactive fermentation. Besides, varenets contains the lactic acid and other natural antibacterial substances preventing reproduction of putrefactive bacteria. It is known of useful properties of varenets to increase resistance to infectious diseases.

As a part of varenets there is a lot of calcium and phosphorus which are very important for maintenance of bone system and teeth in a normality. Besides, calcium takes part in muscular contraction, is a part of a number of enzymes.

Varenets contains vitamins A, groups B, C, PP, microelements (iron, magnesium, sulfur, sodium and др), saturated fatty acids. If to use this fermented milk product on a constant basis, then overall health, appetite, work of digestive tract, liver and kidneys improves. Varenets accelerates removal from an organism of slags and toxins.

Aperient action which is used in complex fight against locks is characteristic of varenets. As a part of an unloading diet this dairy drink helps to lose excess weight, to struggle effectively with obesity.

Varenets caloric content

Varenets with Варенец в упаковкеfat content of 2,5% which can be bought in shop has low caloric content – only 53 kcal on 100 g of a product, and can be recommended as dietary drink at obesity and excess weight. Caloric content of the varenets made from rural milk in the furnace is almost twice higher, and makes about 90 - 100 kcal on 100 g.

Harm of varenets

Useful varenets nevertheless has a number of restrictions in use. So, at intolerance of cow's milk there can be allergic reactions to it in the form of punctulate or a menocelis, and also an itch and a peeling of skin. Even at partial fermentation of proteins varenets is capable to provoke disturbances of digestion and allergic dermatitis.

At a lack of enzyme of lactase of intestines at the use of this product abdominal distention, rumbling and other symptoms of a meteorism can be noted. It occurs because digestion of milk sugar – lactose is broken, and it begins to wander in intestines. To people with a lactose intolerance recommend to exclude varenets from the diet.

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