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Useful properties of grapes

Grapes belong to the most ancient cultivated plants on the earth. Containing not one hundred grades, this plant to a greater or lesser extent contains many in the chemical composition of irreplaceable useful substances which do it not only a tasty, but also necessary product in a diet.

Виноград белый и красный

The main nutritional value and tastes of grapes are defined by availability of sugars in it. They make from 12 to 30% of the mass of grape fruits and are presented in the form of fructose, sucrose and glucose. Unlike beet sugar, natural sugar are rather safe for health. Coming to blood at once, they promote bystry recovery of health and forces of the person and stir up brain activity.

Also, grapes in a large number contain vitamins necessary for the person. The most part from them is the share of vitamin C which actively influences protective functions of an organism. Group B vitamins, provitamin A, RR, P and K vitamins and folic acid also are a part of berries of grapes.

Grapes contain about 6% of organic acids, their most part who are made by malic acid. Also is a part of fruits gluconic, ant, wine, phosphoric, lemon, amber and oxalic acids.

Researches of the American scientists showed that grapes protect a retina of eyes from an oxidative stress, being that fine prophylactic of age eye diseases which lead to decrease in sight over time.

Supplement the list of useful properties of grapes practically all mineral salts and microelements necessary for a human body. Most of all contains in berries potassium that allows to use grapes for prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of kidneys. Still the plant contains magnesium, manganese, nickel, silicon, cobalt, aluminum, boron, zinc, chrome and other microelements which often are structural elements of vitamins, hormones, enzymes, proteins and a number of important organic complexes.

Useful microelements contain not only in juice of berries, but also in a thin skin and stones. So, in a thin skin of berries there are essential oils, anthocyans, tannic and pectinaceous substances. Stones contain tannins and fat oil.

In the medical purposes it is possible to eat fresh, dried, and also processed in the form of juice, syrups, vinegar or wine of berry of grapes.

It is useful to drink grape juice at nervous exhaustion and breakdown. The glass of juice from red grades of grapes fills a daily dose of vitamin B that helps to resist easier to a stress, and besides reduces cholesterol level in blood and improves brain activity.

In a word, influence on an organism consists of set of all useful properties of grapes thanks to what exchange processes quicken, the immune system becomes stronger and various diseases of a liver, stomach, heart, intestines, the hemopoietic system and lungs recover.

Use of grapes

There are grapes it is recommended separately from other food. Its use together with other products, fruit, vegetables and alcoholic beverages can lead to strengthening of process of fermentation and digestive disturbances.

For the prevention of development of an anemia, rickets, and also for treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, gastrointestinal diseases, a scurvy, gout, heart troubles and kidneys it is recommended to drink not less glass of grape juice in day. At the same time it is better to give preference to red grades of grapes as they contain more potassium and vitamin C, than in white.

As antibechic and an expectorant at colds and pulmonary diseases it is possible to prepare raisin decoction for what 100 g of raisin are cooked in 1 glass of water within 10 minutes. Accept on a half-glass up to four times a day. Medical effect of broth can be strengthened onions juice.

In the winter grapes are eaten dried or drink drinks from it for increase in protective forces of an organism. For strengthening of immune system in the winter from grapes it is possible to prepare tea for what 250 g of raisin fill in with three glasses of water, add 1 teaspoon of treacle, mix and, having covered, insist within an hour. The received drink is stored in the refrigerator and drink 200-250 g daily.

Grapes are a valuable product of dietary food. The grape monodiet for 3-4 days allows not only to lose couple of extra kilos, but also to improve a condition of circulatory system, to normalize structure of a gastric juice, to strengthen activity of kidneys, to bring toxins out of an organism, to improve digestion of food and cardiac performance.

As grapes accelerate destruction of teeth at caries, after reception of fresh grapes or juice it is recommended to rinse well a mouth weak solution of baking soda.

Виноградный сок

Apply bathtubs with grape leaves to strengthening of walls of vessels. Also leaves have antioxidant properties and help to remove toxins. Often they with success are applied in the form of infusions to clarification of an organism and treatment of cellulitis.

Long since apply grapes in cosmetology, thanks to properties of fruit acids to influence wrinkles. Grape pulp which contains mix from glycolic, wine and apple acids supplies skin with moisture, smoothes it, and also promotes department of the keratosic parts of skin and stimulates formation of collagen.

Natural acids allow to use grapes in the cosmetic purposes for the skin inclined to allergic reactions.


At a diabetes mellitus and obesity it is not recommended to eat grapes in large numbers because of its high caloric content and high content of glucose.

Also it is not recommended to eat fresh grapes or raisin at digestive disturbances, in the period of an aggravation of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum, at colitis and disturbances of potassium exchange. Before eating a large number of grapes it is necessary to be convinced that it does not cause an allergy. Especially this prevention concerns children who more often than adults are subject to allergic reactions.

Whether you know that:

The stomach of the person not bad copes with foreign objects and without medical intervention. It is known that the gastric juice is capable to dissolve even coins.