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Lung abscess

General characteristic of a disease

Abscess is called accumulation of pus in tissues of various human organs. In relation to lungs abscess is usually localized in pulmonary fabrics, at the same time its development considerably complicates the course of associated diseases and quite often leads to serious morbid conditions.

Lung abscess – symptoms and a clinical picture of a disease

Абсцесс легкого

In medicine it is accepted to allocate gangrenous, acute and chronic abscess of a lung. All these forms arise owing to an obezvozdushnost of pulmonary fabric and the subsequent inflammation which breaks a blood flow in body and promotes production of toxins. Gangrene of a lung is caused by pyogenic flora (stafilokokka, streptococci, colibacillus), and also microbacteria, mushrooms and parasites.

  • acute abscess of a lung is characterized by severe pains in a thorax, a pneumorrhagia, short wind, a severe cough with a purulent phlegm. The condition of the patient can temporarily improve after break of an abscess cavity in a bronchial tube. At the same time a large number of the phlegm possessing a characteristic putrefactive smell is suddenly allocated;
  • chronic abscess of a lung proceeds against the background of aggravations and remission. In the period of an aggravation at the patient symptoms of acute abscess are observed. During remission intensity of pains in a thorax decreases, however, at the person the quantity of a purulent phlegm increases, there is a barking cough, night perspiration. Besides, patients very quickly get tired.

If in time not to diagnose acute abscess of a lung and not to take care of its treatment, then development of a disease into a gangrenous form is possible. Gangrene of a lung is a purulent inflammation of pulmonary fabric which quickly extends on all surface of body and leads to its necrosis.

As a rule, among patients men prevail that is quite natural, considering that strong half of mankind abuses smoking and alcohol which lead to disturbance of normal functioning of upper respiratory tracts.

Let's note that abscess of a lung which treatment was carried out in an inadequate way involves emergence of a set of serious complications. It is necessary to distinguish from them:

  • pulmonary bleedings;
  • break of an abscess cavity with the subsequent development of a pyopneumothorax;
  • amyloidosis;
  • secondary bronchiectasias;
  • septicopyemia.

Lung abscess – treatment and forecasts

Лечение абсцесса легкого

On successful treatment of the patient the most direct impact is exerted by early diagnosis of a disease and timely appointed treatment. It is possible only if gangrene of a lung is defined by highly qualified specialists in the conditions of modern diagnostic laboratories.

The diagnosis "lung abscess" is the absolute indication for surgical intervention. The operation purpose – to open a purulent cavity, to take care of its emptying and pus drainage. If superficial abscess of internals is found in the patient, treatment can be carried out in out-patient conditions. In other cases patients are subject to urgent hospitalization in surgical department.

As gangrene of a lung leads to a necrosis of fabrics, to the sick person carrying out a puncture with pus aspiration can be appointed. At the same time in a cavity of body the fermental drugs and antibiotics for prevention of distribution of inflammatory process and a bystry angenesis are administered. The resection (removal of body) is carried out only if the started chronic abscess of a lung which already led to numerous complications and irreversible changes of internals is diagnosed for the person.

After lung abscess is opened and removed, treatment consists in ensuring good nutrition, hemotransfusion and purpose of blood substitutes. Antibiotics are used with care, taking into account individual sensitivity of microflora to them. Good results show means of specific therapy – gamma-globulin and staphylococcal anatoxin. In some cases correction of the broken metabolism is shown to the patient.

As for forecasts. If acute abscess of a lung, then the forecast of treatment favorable is found in the patient in time. Certainly, this statement is fair for those cases when at the disposal of doctors there is a modern equipment and all necessary drugs. Late executed operation or its inadequate carrying out lead to the fact that at the person chronic abscess or gangrene of a lung develops. Success of treatment in similar situations depends on qualification of personnel, extent of development of an inflammation and specific features of an organism of the patient.

Whether you know that:

In Great Britain there is a law according to which the surgeon can refuse to do to the patient operation if he smokes or has excess weight. The person has to refuse addictions, and then, perhaps, he will not need an operative measure.