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Adjika presents itself fragrant and hot spice in the form of pasty weight which is traditionalАджика — традиционное восточное блюдо east dish.

Structure of adjika and feature of preparation

According to the traditional recipe garlic, hot pepper, salt and spices are a part of adjika. In certain cases add walnuts, a coriander, a basil, cilantro, fennel, a marjoram and hop to seasoning.

Now there is a set of recipes of preparation of adjika, but in each of them obligatory ingredient are tomatoes thanks to which seasoning gains red color. According to the traditional recipe dried pepper, garlic and spices wipe up to the liquid weight, add dry spices and additional ingredients.

Abkhazia does adjika by means of stones on which fray the main ingredients, and in Europe prepare a dish by the blender.

There are two main ways of preparation of adjika – Abkhazian and Georgian.

According to the Abkhazian recipe red adjika with burning pepper, garlic, walnuts and spicy herbs (cilantro, fennel, a basil) which is served to meat dishes turns out. Also in Abkhazia cook green adjika from green spicy herbs (cilantro, a basil, a marjoram, etc.), green sweet pepper and salt. Such seasoning is used at preparation of milk dishes. The Georgian adjika is cooked from acute and sweet red pepper, wine vinegar, garlic, cilantro and other spicy herbs.

This Caucasian seasoning was a part of the East European kitchen now. It is appreciated special aroma and juicy taste, and also it is added to various dishes for giving of sharpness to them.

Russia adds to adjika not only hot pepper, but also sweet pepper, vegetable marrows, apples and a gooseberry. Use seasoning with boiled meat, a bird, haricot, vegetables, fish and dairy products. Dry adjika is used as seasoning for first courses, by porridges, marinades, sauces and ragout.

Adjika caloric content

Adjika is low-calorie seasoning which can be used as a part of dietary food together with vegetable dishes and fish.

Caloric content of adjika makes 59 kcal., and also seasoning contains 1 g of proteins, 5 g of carbohydrates and 3,5 g of fats.

Useful properties of adjika

Useful properties Аджика в банкеof adjika are shown depending on its recipe and structure. The advantage of adjika at the use before a lunch for increase in appetite, normalization of digestion and improvement of a metabolism is high.

Classical seasoning from hot pepper and garlic is effective for strengthening of immunity and fight against viral infections. The advantage of adjika as the fortifying and activating blood circulation means, and also seasoning which improves work of urinogenital system is proved.

The periodic use of adjika strengthens immunity and allows to carry out prevention of respiratory diseases. Pungency and sharpness of ingredients of seasoning increases activity of an organism, increases a potentiality and improves protective functions.

Also useful properties are shown in improvement of a condition of blood vessels, clarification of an organism from cholesteric plaques and contribution to saturation of cells by oxygen.


Because of burning and acute ingredients adjika should not be used to people with a serious illness of the alimentary system, including cankers and gastritises of various type, and also with problems of an urination and a zhelchevydeleniye.

Seasoning is not recommended to eat to people with a hypertension and diseases of a brain, and also it is necessary to limit the use of adjika to children at early age and to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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