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Ayekol is the combined vitamin drug of external use which is used for healing of wounds possessing antiburn and metabolic action.

Pharmacological action of Ayekol

The effect of an angenesis is reached due to pharmacological properties of components of Ayekol – vitamin A (palmitate Retinolum), vitamin E (acetate alpha tocopherol), beta carotene, Menadionum.

Vitamins A, E well influence a trophicity of fabrics, in particular, Retinolum, regulates cellular exchange, promotes rejuvenation of fabrics, increases cellular immunity.

Beta carotene, except the important immunostimulating property, also participates in regeneration processes in epithelium fabrics, is capable to increase their resilience to infections.

Menadionum which is a synthetic analog of vitamin K normalizes a blood svorachivayemost.

Form of release of Ayekol

According to the instruction Ayekol release in an oil form as solution for external use, usually in bottles on 100 ml, from glass of dark yellow color.

Indications and Ayekol routes of administration

Применение аекола - наружноеAyekol's use is practiced outwardly in such cases:

1. In a proctology – as microclysters, tampons, bandages with Ayekol for healing of cracks of a mucous rectum, for treatment of hemorrhoids. Usually, as it is specified in Ayekol's instruction, appoint a course on 10-12 дн., on 30-50ml a vitamin complex.

2. In gynecology – in the form of the tampons moistened with Ayekol for treatment of an erosion of a uterine neck, an endocervicitis, a colpitis. Procedures are appointed by the attending physician, and according to Ayekol's instruction – their quantity fluctuates from one to 15.

3. In surgery – in the form of bandages for healing of contaminated wounds of integuments, varicose and trophic ulcers;

4. For treatment of burns of II and III stages which were infected;

5. After operations on recovery of integuments by means of change of healthy tissues of the patient (autodermoplastik);

For elimination and healing of decubituses;

For treatment of a scleroderma (defeat of small vessels of inflammatory character with external manifestations);

At external use, following Ayekol's instruction, bandages apply on affected areas at an interval of one day until recovery mucous or the integument does not become noticeable, and so far on site damages connecting fabric is not formed.

Use a vitamin complex Ayekol and in cosmetology: Ayekol is widely applied to hair in the form of applications or as one of the making cosmetic masks, generally for dry hair. It is possible to grease with Ayekol tips of hair, it is possible to connect him to henna, oil, for example, and to apply on hair, having distributed all their length. The positive effect of use of Ayekol for hair is provided with the recovering properties A, E of vitamins.

Side effects after Ayekol's use

Local allergic reactions, seldom diarrhea.


Serious contraindications are not revealed, only individual intolerance of a vitamin complex.

It is recommended before use, especially in living conditions (when using Ayekol's for hair) to carry out standard test on an allergy: to put a little funds for a wrist or a bend of an elbow and to observe within 24 hours. Lack of any skin manifestations (reddening, a peeling, an itch) can be said that there are no contraindications to Ayekol's use. It is safer to carry out such tests under observation of the doctor and to strictly follow Ayekol's instruction.

There are no contraindications on Ayekol's use at pregnancy, but it should be done strictly to destination the observing doctor, and after an exception of intolerance of Ayekol.

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