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Short characteristic of an acne

Acnes or as often call this disease, youthful eels are a chronic, recurrent inflammation of sebaceous glands. There is it because of obstruction of glands skin fat and disturbances of balance of androgens in a human body. Thereof on skin there are black, purulent eels whose internal contents are an excellent medium for development of various bacteria and pathogenic microflora.

Most often the acne which treatment assumes an integrated approach arises at teenagers aged from 15 up to 18 years, but at coincidence of a number of factors the inflammation can be shown also at senior citizens. It is necessary to carry genetic predisposition, irrational food with dominance of animal fats to number of the factors causing an acne and disturbance of functions of hemadens.

Acne – symptoms and a clinical picture

Начальная стадия акне

The main sign assuming to make the diagnosis "youthful eels" is papulo-pustular rashes which are transformed to the bright red or pink capsule filled with pus over time. Around it there are all signs of inflammatory process, namely – a swelling and erubescence.

Depending on intensity of process, indurative and flegmozny eels allocate. The first represent the extensive infiltrates which are not mentioning deep layers of skin. The second develop slowly and long, but get deeply in an integument and demand prolonged, labor-consuming treatment. In certain cases they merge in one big center of defeat.

If the diagnosis of an acne, treatment is made to the person by folk remedies and traditional medical supplies it has to be appointed as soon as possible. Otherwise the disease threatens to pass into a necrotic form at which there is a large-scale death of cells of fabrics of an integument to formation of deep, ugly hems.

Treatment of an acne by traditional methods

Роаккутан - препарат, применяемый при лечении акне

It is necessary to get rid of eels by means of an integrated approach. In the course of treatment antibacterial agents, antibiotics (tetracyclines), anti-androgenic drugs and drugs promoting normal secretion of sebaceous glands, for example, роаккутан are used. For prevention of candidiasis, to the patient nystatin is appointed. If at the person the severe form of an acne is revealed, treatment assumes use antimicrobic (metronidazole) and immunocorrective (decarice) means.

For external use the degreasing and disinfecting solutions containing antibiotics, sulfur, salicylic or retinoic acid and Vidal's milk are recommended. Administration of drugs should be combined with the use of vitamins of groups A, B, C and E. Quite good efficiency is shown by physiotherapeutic procedures – cryotherapy, ultraviolet radiation and electrothermic coagulation. At the diagnosis of an acne, treatment is carried out within 2-3 months up to disappearance of eels. After that the maintenance therapy is carried out.

Prevention of a disease consists in respect for hygiene of skin and prevention of fat seborrhea.

Treatment of an acne folk remedies

The greatest efficiency at removal of eels was shown by oil mixes. Here list of some of them:

  • oil of hazelnut, grape seed and jojoba in a proportion of 5, 3 and 2 ml. respectively. Add 3 drops of essential oil of a geranium to the turned-out mix, pine needles and an Atlas Cedar;
  • on 2 drops of oil of a lavender, the lemon and a carnation are added to the mix consisting of hazelnut oil (5 ml) and a macadamia (3 ml) or primroses of vespers;
  • oil of hazelnut and grape seed (on 5 ml) is mixed with essential oil of a tea tree and a manuka (on 3 drops). If you do not find oil of grape seed in drugstores, then replace it with oil cuckooing.

The prepared mixes are stored in the dry, cool place in small bottles from dark glass. They are applied after washing on slightly moistened skin (there are enough 3-4 drops for processing of all person). For prevention of a greasy luster blot a face with a soft napkin in 15-20 minutes after drawing structure, but the ideal option – to allow mix of oils to be absorbed completely. For this purpose it is possible to use medicine for the night, when there is no need to care for observance of a xeroderma.

In recent years in shops already ready mixes of oils and cosmetic face packs appeared. It is possible to use them, but before it surely consult to the doctor, the mask needs to be chosen, considering a form of an acne and some other factors.

Whether you know that:

In Great Britain there is a law according to which the surgeon can refuse to do to the patient operation if he smokes or has excess weight. The person has to refuse addictions, and then, perhaps, he will not need an operative measure.