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Аква Детрим

Akvadetrim – the medicine used for completion of deficit of D3 vitamin and regulation of exchange of calcium and phosphorus.

Form of release and structure

Akvadetrim produce in the form of colourless transparent drops for intake with an anisic smell, in bottles 10 ml with a stopper dropper.

30 drops (1 ml) contain 15 thousand ME of a kolekaltsiferol (D3 vitamin) and auxiliary components: sucrose, a macrogoal глицерилрицинолеат, citric acid monohydrate, hydrophosphate sodium dodecahydrate, benzyl alcohol, anisic fragrance and the purified water.

Indications to use

Akvadetrim's use allows to strengthen absorption of phosphates and Ca2 in intestines, helps a mineralization of bones, ensures functioning of epithelial bodies. Also drug promotes an odontosis and a skeleton at children.

Akvadetrim according to the instruction appoint for prevention and treatment:

  • Rickets and rakhitopodobny diseases;
  • Other forms of deficit of vitamin D;
  • Osteomalacy;
  • Gipokaltsiyemichesky tetany;
  • Metabolic osteopatiya (hypoparathyrosis and pseudohypoparathyroidism).

As a part of complex treatment Akvadetrim appoint against the background of osteoporosis, including postmenopauzny.


Akvadetrim's use is contraindicated against the background of:

  • Hypervitaminosis of D;
  • Hypercalcemias;
  • Hypercalcurias;
  • Urolithiasis (at education in kidneys of calcic oxalic stones);
  • Sarcoidosis;
  • Diseases of kidneys (acute and chronic);
  • Renal/liver failure;
  • Active form of a pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • Hypersensitivity to D3 vitamin and excipients of drops (in particular – to benzyl alcohol).

Medicine is not appointed to children is younger than one month.

According to the instruction Akvadetrim it is necessary to take with caution:

  • The patient in a condition of an immobilization;
  • Along with tiazida, cardiac glycosides;
  • To pregnant women and the feeding women;
  • To babies with predisposition to early overgrowing of fontanels (at the small size of the front top of the head).

Route of administration and dosage

Drug is accepted orally, dissolving in a water tablespoon. Contains in one drop of Akvadetrim 500 ME kolekaltsiferol. The dosage is established individually, considering the amount of vitamin D received by the patient as a part of a diet.

For prevention from 4 weeks of life by the full-term newborn usually appoint on 1000 ME (1-2 drops) Akvadetrim in day, and in summertime – on 500 ME. Reception is shown to children up to 2-3 years. The dosage is observed in cases when children stay in the fresh air enough. At bad leaving, and also to the premature children, twins and children living in unfavorable conditions, it is possible to increase a daily dose to 1500 ME.

In the presence of indications and depending on individual factors, at pregnant women Akvadetrim's use happens on one of two schemes:

  • Throughout all pregnancy – on 500 ME in day;
  • Since 28th week – on 1000 ME in day.

For treatment of rickets depending on its weight daily appoint within 1-1,5 months on 2000-5000 ME Akvadetrim a day. During therapy by drug it is necessary to control a clinical condition of the patient and biochemical indicators of blood and urine. The dosage is usually appointed 5000 ME/days only against the background of the expressed bone changes. After obtaining accurate medical effect the dosage is reduced to preventive (1-3 drops a day).

For treatment of rakhitopodobny diseases depending on the body weight, age and weight of symptoms appoint 20 000-30 000 ME a day under constant control of biochemical indicators of blood and urine. Duration of treatment is 1-1,5 months.

As a part of complex therapy against the background of postmenopauzny osteoporosis usually appoint 1-2 drops of Akvadetrim a day.

Side effects

Akvadetrim in correctly picked up dosage is had well. During therapy it is necessary to pay attention to symptoms of a hypervitaminosis of D which are shown in a look:

  • Losses of appetite, nausea, vomiting;
  • Head, muscular and joint pains;
  • Zaporov;
  • Dryness in an oral cavity;
  • Polyurias;
  • Weaknesses;
  • Disturbances of mentality, including a depression;
  • Losses of body weight;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Temperature increase and the level of calcium in blood, and also its allocation with urine;
  • Emergence in urine of protein, leukocytes, hyaline cylinders;
  • Calcification of blood vessels, kidneys, lungs.

At emergence of these symptoms Akvadetrim cancel, and also limit receipt in an organism of calcium and appoint A, B and C vitamins.

In some cases against the background of therapy hypersensitivity reactions can develop.

Special instructions

At use of medicine it is necessary to consider all possible sources of vitamin D.

Akvadetrim's use for children has to take place under medical observation. Depending on these analyses the scheme of administration of drug can be adjusted (especially children in the first months have lives).

It must be kept in mind that long drug intake in high doses can cause a chronic hypervitaminosis of D3.

The concomitant use of Akvadetrim and calcium in high doses is not recommended.

During performing therapy it is necessary to control calcium level in urine and blood.


Akvadetrim's analogs are:

  • On active agent – Vigantolum, D3 Vitamin;
  • On the action mechanism – Alpha D3-Teva, Van-Alpha, A.T.10, Alfadol-Sa, Osteotriol, Oksidevit, Videcholum, Alfadol, Dihydrotachysterolum, Ergocalciferol, Etalfa.

Terms and storage conditions

Akvadetrim is released without recipe. A period of validity of drops – 3 years.

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