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5% cream of Aldar on kliniko-pharmacological group belongs to immunomodulators of topical administration.

General information

Крем Алдара по клинико-фармакологической группе относится к иммуномодуляторам местного примененияActive ingredient of Aldara – имихимод – is a factor of an immune response, the inductor of synthesis of endogenous interferon. Thus, substance has no direct antiviral activity, and is its modifier, that is induces production of cytokines, in particular alpha interferon and other factors of a necrosis of tumors.

Application instruction

According to the instruction Aldar's cream is applied in treatment of patients with papillomas (human papillomavirus infection), sharp-pointed condylomas (sexual or genital, warts), a contagious mollusk, and also a bazalnokletochny carcinoma (bazaliomy). Besides, it is effective for regeneration of skin at patients with an actinic (senile) keratosis.

Each packaging of Aldara consists of 12 sachets on 250 mg; each sachet contains 12,5 mg of an imikhimod.

Aldara is applied outwardly. It is applied on the cleared struck surface and rubbed the accurate movements before full absorption. As drug has low absorbability through skin, its overdoses are not noted. At the same time Aldara's use inside is categorically forbidden.

Aldara has to be put with a thin layer, once a day, three times a week – every other day, one night better. Imposing of cream under a bandage is not recommended.

Those 8-10 hours which drug should be on the struck area it is not necessary to take a shower or a bath. After this time Aldara should be washed away warm water with soap.

Aldara is applied before disappearance of visible symptoms of a disease, at the same time the course of treatment should not exceed four months.

Responses and features of use

Крем Алдара применяется в лечении больных с папилломами, остроконечными кондиломами и др. According to numerous responses, Aldar's cream is effective more than in 90 percent of cases, or promoting an absolute recovery, or significantly improving health of patients.

In spite of the fact that Aldara's interaction with other medicines was not studied, low absorbability of an imikhimod through skin allows to combine it with other system medicines.

At Aldara's appointment pregnant women need to weigh potential harm and advantage of drug. In need of treatment by cream of women in the period of a lactation, breastfeeding will be required to be stopped.

At Aldara's use emergence of various side reactions – local inflammatory processes in the field of putting cream, and also some system manifestations is possible from nervous, digestive and other systems. In the presence of skin reactions cream it is necessary to wash away and resume treatment after stopping of reactive manifestations. In the presence of system reactions to Aldara it will be required to discuss a situation with the attending physician.

In a type of lack of data on Aldara's use for children is younger than eighteen years, the children's age is a contraindication for drug use. Also it is not necessary to apply it in treatment of patients with individual intolerance of the basic and auxiliary components or at disturbance of integrity of integuments in the field of treatment.

When drawing Aldara's it is necessary to avoid hit of drug on healthy sites of skin and mucous; in case of such hit cream should be washed away water with soap. The opened sachet is counted on one-time use and is not subject to storage. After Aldara's drawing it is necessary to wash up carefully with hand soap.

At treatment by Aldara it will be required to exclude as much as possible stay in the sun because of the increased risk of emergence of sunblisters.

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