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Aleron is an antgistaminny means of the third generation, is applied to treatment of an acute and chronic allergy.

Form of release and structure

АлеронAleron in tablets, coated, packaged in blisters on 10 pieces is issued. Cardboard packaging contains 1 or 3 blisters.

Active ingredient of drug – левоцетиризин (R-an enantiomer of a tsetirizin, active derivative Hydroxyzinum).

1 tablet, coated, contains: a levotsetirizina dihydrochloride – 5 mg, excipients, including lactoses monohydrate.

Indications to use

Drug has anti-exudative, antiinflammatory effect, eliminates an itch, interferes with action of a histamine which is developed by an organism in response to external irritants, causing allergic reactions.

According to the instruction Aleron appoint for treatment and prevention of the diseases caused by various allergens (food stuffs, stings of insects, dust, hair of animals, pollen, etc.):

  • Rhinitis and conjunctivitis both seasonal, and year-round;
  • Small tortoiseshell, including chronic idiopathic;
  • Angioneurotic (Quincke) swelled;
  • Eczemas of various etiology;
  • Fever is hay;
  • The dermatosis of allergic character which is followed by burning, an itch, rash on integuments and mucous membranes.

Drug is used in complex therapy of bronchial asthma of infectious and allergic character, and also entered into the scheme of treatment by medicines with the increased danger of allergization: antibiotics, serums, vaccines.


Aleron's use is contraindicated at hypersensitivity to medicine components, piperazin derivatives, a galactose.

Also drug is not appointed at a renal failure in a severe form.

There are no data on safety of reception of this medicine by pregnant women. It is not prescribed nursing mothers, children up to 6 years.

According to the instruction Aleron it is impossible to accept along with soothing drugs.

Route of administration and dosage

Aleron apply to treatment of adults and children for 6 years.

Accept on 1 tablet once a day, orally. A daily dose of drug for adults – no more than 2 tablets (or 10 mg).

Swallow of a tablet, without chewing and washing down with water in enough, irrespective of meal.

Duration of a course of treatment and dosage are appointed by the attending physician depending on the nature of a disease.

Therapy duration at various diseases can vary from one week to six months.

Dose adjustment is required to patients with a renal failure.

Side effects

Aleron's use seldom causes side effects in patients. But the following reactions of an organism on левоцетиризин were in certain cases noted:

  • The central nervous system – dizziness, headaches, increased fatigue, sleeplessness or drowsiness, a vision disorder;
  • Digestive tract – pains in epigastric area, dryness in a mouth, nausea, vomiting, the increased appetite, changes in biochemistry of hepatic tests;
  • Cardiovascular system – tachycardia, nasal bleedings.

Special instructions

At Aleron's overdose there can be a drowsiness or overexcitation (sometimes they replace each other), in this case it is necessary to wash out a stomach, to accept an enterosorbent. Peritoneal and haemo - dialysis are in this situation inefficient.


Aleron's drugs synonyms, with the same active ingredient – Ksizal, Alerzin, Suprastineks, Eltset, Zenaro, Glentset, Tsezero, Levotsetirizin-Tev.

The drugs analogs relating to one pharmgruppa – Alerza, Allertek, Zirtek, Zodak, Letizen, Parlazin, Tsetirizin, Tsetirinaks, Tsetrin, Tsetirizin-Tev, Zetrinal, Zintset, Tsetirizin-OBL.

Terms and storage conditions

Aleron it is necessary to store in the dry, protected from direct sunshine place. Temperature of storage is not above 25 °C.

Period of validity – 2 years.

Whether you know that:

There are very curious medical syndromes, for example, persuasive swallowing objects. In a stomach of one patient suffering from this mania 2500 foreign objects were revealed.