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Alphabet vitamins

Vitamins the Alphabet – a series of the vitamin and mineral complexes applied to prevention and therapy of hypovitaminoses.Алфавит витамины

Pharmacological action

Therapeutic effect of vitamins the Alphabet is caused by the components which are its part picked up taking into account scientific recommendations about joint and separate reception of useful substances that provides their fullest assimilation and practically does not cause an allergy.

Vitamins the Alphabet have a number of advantages in comparison with traditional vitamin drugs as components of a complex are divided into three tablets that allows to improve comprehensibility of B12 vitamin, iron and calcium. Besides, considering features of simultaneous use of some substances, the complex of vitamins the Alphabet provides their optimum combination:

  • Calcium promotes digestion of B12 vitamin;
  • Vitamin D provides the maximum digestion of calcium;
  • Vitamin C increases antioxidant properties of vitamin E.

Also distribution of vitamins and minerals in three tablets allows to exclude oxidizing reaction between vitamins C and B12 that increases comprehensibility of the last, and use of B1 and B12 vitamins in different tablets reduces probability of development of an allergy.

Such combination of components in vitamins the Alphabet increases efficiency of the carried-out prevention for 30–50% that is confirmed by researches of central research institute of gastroenterology. The dosage of the useful substances which are a part of a complex corresponds to recommendations of scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.

Release form

A series of vitamins includes the Alphabet:

  • The classic – a dosage and structure of a complex is developed for adults and children 14 years are more senior;
  • Our kid – the vitamin and mineral complex considering features of a children's organism aged from 1 year up to 3 years;
  • The kindergarten – is intended for children of 3-7 years in the form of chewable tablets with fruit taste;
  • The school student – is recommended for children of 7-14 years;
  • The teenager – a complex is developed taking into account active changes in work nervous, endocrine and other systems of teenagers;
  • Mother's health – contains all necessary minerals and vitamins necessary during pregnancy and feeding by a breast: phosphorus and the increased amount of iron, calcium and folic acid. According to reviews vitamins the Alphabet are especially effective at reception for several months before pregnancy;
  • 50+ – includes the vitamins, minerals and other useful substances necessary for people 50 years taking into account recommendations of nutritionists and gerontologists are more senior. Components of a complex of vitamins the Alphabet 50+ are effective for prevention of diseases of joints, eyes, cardiovascular system, osteoporosis and other age disturbances;
  • Energy – the complex is recommended during the periods of the raised loadings;
  • During a season of colds – it is intended for strengthening of immunity and during the recovery periods after a disease;
  • Diabetes – promotes prevention of complications of diabetes and is developed taking into account the features of a metabolism caused by a disease. Vitamins the Alphabet Diabetes in addition included lipoic and amber acids, extracts of escapes of roots of a burdock, bilberry and a dandelion;
  • The effect – is intended for maintenance of an organism during sports activities or fitness and includes vitamins and minerals in quantity, necessary in the period of high activity;
  • Kosmetik – contains the components necessary for beauty and health. In particular the Alphabet Kosmetik enters calcium for strengthening of nails vitamins, vitamins for growth of hair, and also the extract of green tea, coenzyme Q10 and other substances helping to keep skin youth. Vitamins the Alphabet Kosmetik supplement external effect of creams and cosmetics and belong to the category of the drugs "beauty from within";
  • For men – promotes maintenance of normal work of a male reproductive system, and also strengthens immune and nervous systems and raises a power tone;
  • During a season of colds for children – promotes strengthening protective forces of an organism and contains prebiotics the lactulose and soluble food fibers normalizing intestinal microflora. According to reviews vitamins the Alphabet are effective in the period of epidemics of catarrhal and infectious diseases.

The Alphabet is a part of a basic complex of vitamins:

  • White tablet – B6, PP and B1 vitamins, microelements – copper, iodine, molybdenum and ферум;
  • Pink tablet – B2, B6, B12 vitamins, folic and pantothenic acid, K1 and D3, microelements – calcium, chrome, biotin;
  • Blue tablet – vitamins C, And, E, microelements – zinc, selenium, magnesium and manganese.

Produce vitamins the Alphabet for children and adults, after 60, 120 and 210 tablets in blisters or banks, a complex our kid – in the form of powder in a sachet packages.

Indications to use of vitamins the Alphabet

According to the instruction vitamins apply the Alphabet:

  • At the increased need for microelements and vitamins – at prolonged treatment by antibiotics, intensive exercise and intellectual stresses, insufficient and irrational food, chemotherapy, pregnancy, infectious diseases, the postoperative period;
  • For prevention and therapy of hypovitaminoses at a lack of microelements of various etiology.


Vitamins the Alphabet according to the instruction are contraindicated at hypervitaminoses and an excess mineralization of an organism the substances which are a part of a complex and also at a thyrotoxicosis.

Vitamins the Alphabet are recommended to children since one year.

Application instruction of vitamins Alphabet

Vitamins the Alphabet – preventive drug which can be accepted as it is constant, and seasonally.

Витамины для детей АлфавитSome complexes, such as vitamins the Alphabet Kosmetik, For men or the Classic, can be accepted constantly, doing intervals in 10-15 days. The complex Mother's health is accepted in the dosages recommended by the doctor, and by anti-cold complexes – seasonally.

Accept vitamins the Alphabet according to the instruction during food. The course of reception of a complex usually makes one month then it is necessary to take a break in several weeks. For the maximum therapeutic effect it is necessary to take a pill of different flowers with an interval not less than 4 hours.

Vitamins issue the Alphabet for children in the form of chewable tablets therefore they are recommended to be accepted before food. The most effective is the interval between receptions at 4-6 o'clock. At impossibility of observance of such mode vitamins the Alphabet for children can be accepted one morning and two in the evening with the longest interval, at the same time according to reviews vitamins the Alphabet do not reduce the efficiency and hypoallergenicity.

Side effects

Vitamins the Alphabet according to reviews practically do not cause side effects, except for allergic reactions at hypersensitivity to complex components.

Storage conditions

Vitamins the Alphabet are released without recipe of the doctor. The recommended period of storage – 2 years.

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