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Сок алоэAloe – the medicinal plant having the antiinflammatory and regenerating properties. It is widely applied in dermatology, stomatology, gynecology, surgery and in the general medical practice.

Chemical composition

Juice of an aloe contains the following substances:

  • Anthracene derivatives;
  • Enzymes;
  • Phytoncides;
  • Vitamins;
  • Aloin;
  • Aloe oemodin;
  • Rabarberon;
  • Gomonataloin;
  • Resinous substances;
  • Traces of essential oils.

Useful properties

The aloe possesses the expressed anesthetic, antiinflammatory, antibacterial, laxative, cholagogue, antiburn action, increases appetite and improves digestion.

Juice of a plant cleans pores, moistens skin and increases its elasticity, removes irritation therefore it is often applied in cosmetology and dermatology in the form of additives to various cosmetics and in pure form.

Indications to use

Pharmaceutical industry produces the following drugs from an aloe: juice, linimentum, tablets, and also aloe syrup with iron.

Juice of a plant is appointed at a gastroenteritis, a lock, periodontosis, colitis, arthrosis, a coloenteritis, gastritis and polyarthritis. Mixing with honey, it is accepted as fortifying means.

Aloe syrup with iron is applied to treatment of anemia, improvement of blood circulation, a metabolism and increase in immunity. Drug is effective at poisonings, infections, a radial illness, internal bleedings.

Linimentum contains an extract of a treelike aloe. It is appointed at burns, arthroses, a periarthritis, periodontosis, polyarthritis, an amfodontoza.

Tablets contain the crushed tinned leaves of a plant. Drug is used in ophthalmology at the worsening short-sightedness, a miopichesky chorioretinitis.

At such eye diseases as the keratitis, an iritis, conjunctivitis, opacification of a vitreous eye body, and also at gastrointestinal diseases appoint liquid water extract of a plant for use in and in the form of pricks.


Use of an aloe has the following contraindications:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Uterine bleedings;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Chronic diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • Cystitis;
  • Hemorrhoids.

In the presence of chronic diseases before use of an aloe it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

House drugs from an aloe

The plant is successfully grown up in house conditions therefore curative properties of an aloe use in traditional medicine long ago.

For treatment of exhaustion mix the processed plant leaves with honey, walnuts and lemon juice. All components take 100 g. Accept means on one dessertspoon in 30 minutes prior to food 3-4 times a day.

For treatment acute respiratory and LOR-diseases of 300 g of stalks of Aloe Vera turn via the meat grinder and fray from 3 tablespoons of honey and alcohol. Accept on 1 h l. 3 times a day before meal.

At cold juice of a plant is dug in in nasal passes: the adult – on 5-8 drops; children are 3-16 years old – on 4-5 drops; to children up to 3 years – on 2-3 drops in both nasal passes 3-4 times a day.

At stomach ulcer the use of fresh leaves of Aloe Vera (or their parts no more than 5 cm long) 2 times a day well helps. Leaves of a plant need to be eaten on an empty stomach, carefully chewing. For elimination of bitterness it is possible to jam honey. It is desirable to carry out such treatment for three months and to repeat in case of need in 30 days.

At a pulmonary tuberculosis use fortifying properties of an aloe. For treatment prepare mix from a tablespoon of an extract of a plant, honey, butter, goose fat and cocoa. All components except juice take 100 g, mix and warm, without allowing boiling. Before reception of 1 tablespoon of the received means part in a glass of the warmed-up milk. Accept 2 times a day to food.

At burns processing of wounds fresh juice of a plant helps. After drawing it is left on the struck surface of skin for 20-30 minutes.

Apply gauze compresses with juice of an aloe and its crushed leaves to healing of the suppurated wounds and cuts.

Inflammations on skin well unmask from ovalbumin and juice of a plant (2 tablespoons of juice and one protein). Mix is put on a face and held within 15 minutes.

For improvement of skin color of the person mix plant juice with cream and apply mix with the help of gauze napkins in the morning and in the evening.

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