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Сироп алтеяMallow – the medicinal plant having expectorant and antiinflammatory properties.

Chemical composition

The mallow is known for curative properties thanks to roots and a land part (flowers and leaves), and fully they are shown only for the second year of life of a plant.

The root of a mallow contains mucous and other substances of colloid character, Rutinum, fat oil, a phytosterol, pectins, tannins, vitamins.

In a grass of a plant there are essential solid oils, slime, carotene, vitamins, ascorbic acid, and also calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, zinc. The main value of a mallow medicinal – in the contained slime known for the antiinflammatory, soothing, expectorant action.

Useful properties

Medicinal properties of a mallow are caused by the mucous substances which are contained in it in a significant amount because of what plant drugs:

  • Have enveloping and antiinflammatory effects;
  • Reduce cough, improving evacuation of a phlegm;
  • Prolong action of the antiinflammatory medicines appointed as a part of the combined treatment.

Broth of roots of a mallow in traditional medicine is applied at treatment of inflammatory diseases of urinary tract and kidneys, to rinsing of a throat at quinsy and washings of eyes at an inflammation a century.

Also thanks to useful properties the mallow is used for treatment of diseases of digestive tract and various inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tracts: chronic and acute bronchitis, tracheitises.

Indications to use

Use of a mallow is effective at treatment:

  • Quinsies;
  • Tracheitis;
  • Diarrheas;
  • Gastritis;
  • Blepharitis;
  • Bronchitis;
  • Peptic ulcer of a stomach and 12-perstny gut;
  • Coloenteritis
  • Enuresis.


The mallow medicinal seldom causes side effects therefore the only serious contraindication to treatment is the individual intolerance. On early durations of gestation (1-2 trimester) medicine with a mallow should not be taken, the issue of their use on later terms is resolved by the doctor.

Also use of a mallow is not recommended against the background of locks and disturbances of respiratory function of lungs.

Ready syrup of a mallow is recommended to be applied with care to diabetics. Accepting it for cough, it is necessary to consider that syrup cannot be combined with the codeine and other means suppressing a tussive reflex since it can complicate an exit of the liquefied phlegm and provoke a disease complication.

At overdose of means nausea and vomiting can evolve from a plant. In this case it is necessary to wash out a stomach and to stop use of a mallow.

House drugs from a mallow

In house conditions the root of a mallow is used for preparation of medical tea: two teaspoons of the crushed root fill in 250 ml of cold water, insist 30 minutes, periodically stirring slowly. In half an hour tea is well shaken up and filtered then warm up a little and slowly, small drinks drunk.

Important feature of use of a root and grass of a mallow is what to bring to boiling and it is impossible to boil infusions with a plant – the starch which is contained in it can turn into paste.

From a grass of a mallow it is also possible to prepare tea which is accepted inside at cough, GIT diseases as locally, and in the form of rinsings. Two teaspoons of a grass of a mallow fill in 250 ml of hot water and 10 minutes allow to infuse. For stimulation of work of intestines and treatment of a GIT tea is recommended to be had unsweetened. At cough add honey to it, and for diabetics it is recommended to use a stevia instead of honey.

Use of a mallow for cough successfully practices in pediatrics – means is non-toxical and differs in high performance. At the same time helps both ready syrup of a mallow, and prepared in house conditions. Syrup is well combined with anise drops – such means treats bronchitis and saves from the "barking" cough.

To prepare house mallow syrup, it is necessary to take 2 g of largely cut root, to put it in a gauze, to suspend, substitute empty capacity. The root in a gauze is filled in with mix from 45 g of water and 1 g of wine alcohol, in capacity collect the flowing-down liquid, and again fill in with it a root. Repeat this procedure for an hour. To the liquid received after that, add 63 g of sugar and heat to its dissolution.

Mallow syrup to children is more senior than 12 years and the adult appoint on a tablespoon up to 5 times a day. Children of 6-12 years syrup are given on a teaspoon, children up to 6 years – on 0,5 teaspoons. Treatment lasts 10-15 days. Before use syrup is recommended to be dissolved with water: 50 ml of water on one teaspoon of means.

Good outside means are boiled leaves of a plant – they accelerate healing of wounds and grazes. The root of a mallow can be used and in the raw – it is chewed for removal of pharyngalgias. Rinsings by hot infusion of a mallow carry out at an inflammation of almonds and gums, and its cold infusion helps at inflammations of mucous membranes of eyes and skin.

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