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Pharmacological action

Гамма-аминомасляная кислота - действующее вещество АминалонаActive ingredient of Aminalonum is piperidic acid. This drug is medicinal substance of metabolic type of action (neotropny means), promotes recovery of processes of metabolism in a brain, helps a brain to utilize glucose and to delete toxic products of exchange. Use of Aminalonum allows to increase productivity of thinking, to improve memory, helps to accelerate recovery of the speech and movements after disturbances of cerebral circulation.

In reviews of Aminalonum it is mentioned also easy hypotensive action which is expressed in ability of drug to reduce initially increased arterial pressure, and also to reduce manifestation of symptoms, characteristic of a hypertension (sleeplessness, dizziness). Aminalonum to some extent works as the anti-hypoxemic, raising resistance of an organism to air hunger, and an anticonvulsant. Use of Aminalonum by patients with a diabetes mellitus promotes decrease in content of glucose in blood while at normal amount of glucose drug has converse effect.

Indications to use of Aminalonum

Purpose of this drug is reasonable in the following cases:

  • after craniocereberal injuries or disturbances of cerebral circulation;
  • encephalomalacia at atherosclerosis of cerebral arteries;
  • idiopathic hypertensia;
  • stroke;
  • poluneuritis potatorum and encephalopathy;
  • a number of the symptoms which are shown at a motion desease;
  • at chronic cerebral and vascular insufficiency with disturbances of attention, the speech, memory, a headache and dizzinesses.

Purpose of Aminalonum is necessary for children at the following diseases:

- after a birth and craniocereberal trauma;

- cerebral palsy;

- manifestation of symptoms sea and aeroembolism;

- delay of intellectual development with decrease in mental activity.

Application instruction Aminalonum

АминалонAminalonum is issued preferential in the form of tablets, coated. To one tablet there correspond 250 mg gamma аминобутированой acids. It is necessary to accept this drug in 30 min. - 1 hour to food, swallow of a tablet entirely, washing down with a small amount of water. The daily dose of Aminalonum to children and adults has to be divided into two receptions.

According to the application instruction, Aminalonum the adult is appointed according to the following scheme: the first 3-5 days accept drug on 50 mg at one time, then increase a single dose to 100 mg. The daily dose of drug for children of 1-3 years makes 100 mg, for children of 4-6 years – 150 mg, for children 7 years – 200 mg are more senior. Duration of a course of treatment is determined by the doctor, usually makes from 14 days to 4 months.

For elimination of symptoms of a motion desease Aminalonum to children is appointed on 25 mg twice a day, and the adult – with the same frequency rate of receptions on 50 mg. Such therapy lasts 3-4 days.

Side effects

According to clinical trials, negative effects of administration of drug can be shown in the form of feeling of heat, vomiting, nausea, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, lability (instability) of arterial pressure. Reviews of Aminalonum demonstrate that side effects of drug are observed extremely seldom.


According to the application instruction, patients should not appoint Aminalonum with hypersensitivity to drug components.

Additional information

Drug needs to be stored in the dry and dark place. The period of validity is specified the producer on packaging and makes 2-3 years.

Despite positive reviews about Aminalonum, by this drug the doctor individually for each patient has to determine expediency of treatment.

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