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Amol – an antiseptic agent.Лекарство Амол

Pharmacological action of Amol

Amol – drug of a plant origin which can increase body resistance, rendering disinfecting, antiinflammatory, local irritative, soothing action.

Amol vitamin C, menthol, oil clove, cinnamon, mint, lavender, lemon, citronella grass oil are a part of medicine. Besides, spirit solution in addition contains the Indian melissa.

It is noticed that medicine effectively removes a throat inflammation, eliminates symptoms of cold and the pain arising at diseases of joints.

Release form

Release Amol in pastils for a rassasyvaniye, in the form of spirit solution for grindings and intake.

Indications to use

Pastils Amol are appointed at various catarrhal diseases which are followed by cold, cough, bronchitis, a nose congestion, a hoarseness, a pharyngalgia.

Solution Amol according to the instruction is shown to use at weight in a stomach, an adynamy, the cardialgia, dizziness, disturbances of blood circulation arising because of diseases of a nervous system at cold, migraine, an indisposition.

Local grindings by spirit solution of Amol kill pains at a mialgiya, a sciatica, neuralgia, an arthralgia, rheumatism, headaches.

Route of administration Amol

Pastils are recommended to be rassasyvat during cold, as required (manifestations of symptoms). A single dose of Amol – one pastil.

Inside to accept drug on 10-15kap, having dissolved in 100 ml of water, tea. It is possible to drop solution on a sugar piece.

При наружном применении с разведенным водой раствором Амол накладывают повязкуCold symptoms well remove Amol's couples of for what they do hot inhalations with solution: one teaspoon of medicine is the share of 250 ml of hot water.

At external use Amol it is desirable to part with water: 1:3. Divorced solution pound sick sites or apply a bandage.

Side effects

At the people sensitive to components of medicine the course of cold can be aggravated, develop a bronchospasm, allergic reactions can be shown.

Contraindications to Amol's use

It is impossible to give pastils to children up to 4 years and more advanced age (if the child is not able independently to eat a pastil). Besides, Amol according to the instruction is contraindicated at hypersensitivity to him.

Newborn children cannot put bandages with Amol on a face, especially in a nose, it is impossible to allow hits of solution in eyes.

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