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Short characteristic of a disease

Аневризма сосудов головного мозга At diagnosis of aneurism at the patient local expansion of blood vessels (arteries or veins) is observed, walls of vessels begin to be stuck out. It can be both an inborn disease of walls of vessels, and result of development arterio-or atherosclerosis. Also aneurism can be caused by an injury, mycotic or syphilitic defeat of vessels. Most often aneurism arises in an aorta zone. Quite often cases of development of cardiac aneurism meet.

Aneurisms can be both true, and false. True are formed by all layers of a wall of a blood vessel. They are observed at atherosclerosis, syphilis. False aneurisms arise at injuries of vessels. At injuries blood streams in fabric, and after time, around this blood aneurism walls – so-called "aneurysmal shock" begin to form. Walls of vessels are gradually stuck out, and it, in turn, can lead to squeezing of surrounding bodies.

Aneurism of vessels of a brain

Very often aneurism of vessels of a brain is shown owing to inborn pathology of walls of blood vessels. Also it is diagnosed for people with genetic disorders in an organism. It can be diseases of connecting fabrics, disturbances in blood circulation, a polycystosis of kidneys.

Besides this type of aneurism can arise after a head injury, owing to high blood pressure, at infection with an infection, at a tumor, and also at other diseases of vascular system. Smoking and the use of drugs can cause an aneurysm of vessels of a brain too.

This kind of aneurism is rather dangerous. It can lead to hemorrhage in a brain, cause serious complications, such as a stroke, damages of a nervous system, or to lead to a lethal outcome. If aneurism burst once, it can burst also the second. It can lead to a repeated hematencephalon. Also new aneurisms can develop.

Aneurism of a ventral aorta

Blood on a ventral aorta comes to a lower body. If the aorta has a weak part, then it can or will extend, or to begin to stick out. It is also aneurism of a ventral aorta. Blood which flows under pressure through an aorta and promotes that it begins to stick out and becomes similar to a balloon. This aneurism is very dangerous and represents risk for health of the person. It can just become torn that will lead to internal bleeding, and in the worst case – by a lethal outcome.

In addition at aneurism of a ventral aorta the probability of formation of blood clots is high. Blood clots can come off walls and cork smaller vessels that will lead to an artherothrombosis. It causes severe pains, and can lead to such complications that the person finally will lose an extremity.

Aneurism symptoms

Symptoms of aneurism depend on the place of its arrangement, on whether there are complications of this aneurism, from type of its development. It can proceed for years without manifestation of symptoms. The statistics shows that 25% of patients suffer from incidental displays of aneurism which they first took for migraine.

Aneurism asymptomatic can be found only accidentally. If it unexploded, then it feelings of squeezing of a brain, cranial nerves are characteristic that leads to chronic headaches, disturbance of work of organs of sight, sense of smell, can cause epileptic seizures, can also lead to squint.

If aneurism became torn, then internal bleeding which will cause the symptoms described above begins.

Asymptomatically also aneurism of a ventral aorta can proceed. But also the pulsing and pressing pain in a breast, a stomach or between shovels is possible. Breath can be complicated, hoarseness, cough will appear. If you had a sudden pain in the head, a breast, a stomach or any other symptoms described above, then you need immediately to see a doctor!

Treatment of aneurism

Лечение аневризмы

In modern medicine there is only one way of treatment of aneurism - it is surgical intervention (operation). Complications can arise at any time therefore treatment of aneurism is performed by removal of a sick vessel, and on its place artificial is put.

It can be made by means of open operation. In a stomach the surgeon does a section and through it deletes a venter of a ventral aorta, and on its place puts a prosthesis. Also treatment of aneurism can be carried out by Endo of prosthetics. In a groin of the patient the small section becomes. Through it, in an aneurism cavity, the synthetic prosthesis is placed.

To carrying out this operation there is a quantity of restrictions. It is possible to do it to small percent of patients. Unfortunately, after such intervention, very big percent of repeated operations, than after open operation.

And there are no contraindications on age and other diseases to such operations. These prostheses are not torn away, in the majority of them is unnecessary to change and they serve until the end of human life.

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