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Ultrasonic angiology


Angiology - the section of medicine specializing in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of vessels. In particular veins, absorbent vessels, arteries.

It is known that the vascular system of the person includes heart, circulatory, absorbent vessels, marrow, a spleen and lymph nodes. On the morphological and functional features, the uniform vascular system is divided into circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Everything tries to get on well at the modern world of people, at the same time forgetting about the main thing – about the health. To feel well, muscles of a body have to be in a tone. Also and the vascular system demands loadings to be in a tone. Lack of such loadings leads to angiologic diseases of cardiovascular system.

In medicine many diseases of vascular system are known: anemia, aneurysm, atherosclerosis, acute thrombosis, embolism of arteries or veins, varicosis, vein thromboses, various wounds of vessels. All of them treat angiology.

Diagnosis of diseases in angiology

As well as diagnosis of any disease, diagnosis of diseases of vascular system relies on clinical manifestations. Diagnose them by a hardware research. Such researches allow to estimate most fully and authentically a disease stage, to reveal process localization.

If angiologic results of researches showed that surgical intervention is necessary, then do to the patient operation by means of which blood clots in vessels are removed that, in the future, saves the person from a stroke or a heart attack.

In modern medicine the surgeon can establish the exact diagnosis even at primary survey. For this purpose he examines the patient by means of the device of an ultrasonic angiologic research. Besides modern devices which use for carrying out operations allow to carry out surgical interventions without disturbance of integrity of vessels. This technique allows to minimize chance of emergence of complications after carrying out such operations.

Angiology in children's surgery

The following types of angiologic diseases can occur at newborns:

- hemangioma

- cyst

- tumors of vessels.

In cases of detection of cysts which complicate breath squeeze a gullet or create another, a life-threatening situation of the baby, the surgeon performs operations on their removal. Practically all operations take place without special complications, and further, the kid grows at healthy.

Ultrasonic angiology

Ультразвуковая ангиологияIn modern angiology ultrasonic scanning is widely applied. Scanning helps to reveal precisely the centers of defeat of vessels, character of morbid conditions of vessels, to define a condition of arterial and venous system of a human body.

Ultrasonic angiology allows to estimate objectively a condition of arteries of an abdominal cavity and all organism in general. Extent of disturbance of passability of the studied vessels gives the chance to estimate thickness of vascular walls locally, to reveal educations on walls of vessels. Such research without serious consequences and very effectively from the point of view of identification of the center of defeat and further treatment.

Various defeats of vessels are capable to lead to development of hemodynamic disturbances. For this reason describe ultrasonic angiologic criteria of diagnosis of hemodynamic syndromes. Refer system and local disturbances of a blood-groove in venous system to such syndromes, arterial deformations, arterial aneurisms. By means of ultrasonic angiology of disturbance come to light, and timely treatment promotes fast recovery.

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