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Useful properties of an artichoke

Artichoke – the perennial herbaceous plant which is cultivated in the warm countries as vegetable culture. In food usually use not revealed baskets of a flower and leaves which are tasting like walnut. Thanks to the useful properties artichokes were long since used in a diet as a dietary and medicinal product.


Than artichokes are useful? They contain about 15% of carbohydrates, salts of iron and calcium and rather rare organic acids – cinchonic, caffeine, glycolic, glyceric and others. Also various vitamins – C, B1, B2, B3, P are chemical composition. Thanks to a balanced set of nutritious elements, artichokes can be used as a diabetic product for decrease in level of sugar in blood.

Consider in more detail, than artichokes are useful. They contain phenolic connection of Cinorinum that in combination with other phenolic acids allows to use this plant as cholagogue and hepatoprotective means. Thanks to these properties release medicine from an artichoke which promotes removal of urea and salts of heavy metals from an organism. As phytodrug children, and elderly people can apply it both. As additional therapy medicine from an artichoke is shown at dyskinesia of biliary tract, chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, a chronic renal failure and an urolithiasis.

The artichoke can be used for reduction of content of cholesterol in blood and normalization of exchange processes in an organism. Also it is useful to clarification of an organism from toxins at chronic intoxications various substances – nitro compounds, salts of heavy metals and alkaloids. These properties of an artichoke allowed to use it long since as efficient antidote.


And also for stimulation of education and outflow of bile, it is possible to apply broth from artichoke inflorescences to improvement of regeneration of cells of a liver. For its preparation 40 g of inflorescences should be filled in with liter of boiled water and to insist within an hour. Drink broth before food three times a day on a glass. Broth is useful also at diseases of joints, and at a podarga, thanks to the antiinflammatory and anesthetizing properties of artichokes, and also their ability to bring uric acid out of an organism. Besides, it can be drunk at migraines and for hemopoiesis improvement. In addition to inflorescences, for preparation of broths it is possible to use leaves and scapes of a plant.

At the regular use of artichokes digestion is normalized, appetite and a peristaltics of intestines improves that is especially important at frequent locks.

For treatment of impotence recommend to drink fresh juice from an artichoke twice a day on 1/4 glasses. In combination with honey juice can be used for rinsings of an oral cavity at stomatitis and the milkwoman at children.

Thanks to property of an artichoke to stimulate growth of hair, it was applied long since to strengthening of hair follicles at the progressing baldness. For this purpose fresh juice is rubbed in roots of hair and washed away in 2 hours.

Вареный артишок

Artichokes widely use in cookery. Small inflorescences perfectly are suitable for snack and salads, and are well combined with rice dishes. It is very useful to eat the artichokes prepared in any kind at a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice as they have strong alkaline effect thanks to salts of potassium and sodium. Better to keep an artichoke fresh, inflorescences lower for a short time in water with lemon juice or vinegar.

Contraindications to use of Artichokes

Artichokes should be used in the diet with care at gastritises with the lowered acidity and at a hypertension.

At diseases of a liver, biliary tract and kidneys in an acute phase there are artichokes contraindicated.

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