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Atrophy of muscles

Short characteristic of a disease

Атрофия мышц

The atrophy of muscles is understood as the process leading to reduction of volume and regeneration of muscular tissue. If to speak simply, then muscle fibers begin to become thinner, and in some cases at all disappear that leads to serious restriction of a physical activity and long obezdvizhennost of the patient.

In medical practice distinguish several types of an atrophy, but we will talk about them slightly below for now we stop on the reasons of emergence of this pathology in more detail. The atrophy of muscles of legs and other extremities of a body arises owing to:

  • decrease in a metabolism and aging of an organism;
  • chronic diseases of hemadens, intestines, stomach, connecting fabric;
  • infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • the disturbances of nervous control of a muscle tone connected with poisonings, polyneurites and other factors;
  • the inborn or acquired insufficiency of enzymes.

Atrophy of muscles – symptoms and a clinical picture

Primary form of a disease is expressed in direct damages of the muscle. This pathology can be caused by both bad heredity, and a number of external factors – injuries, bruises, a physical overstrain. The patient quickly gets tired, the muscles tone constantly falls, involuntary twitchings of extremities are sometimes noted that demonstrates injury of motor neurons.

The secondary atrophy of muscles – treatment is under construction on the elimination of a basic disease and other reasons which led to emergence of atrophic process. The most often secondary atrophy of muscles develops after injuries and the postponed infections. At patients motive cells of feet, shins, brushes and a forearm are surprised that leads to restriction of activity of these bodies, partial or full paralysis. In most cases the disease is characterized by slow process, but also the aggravations which are followed by severe pains are possible.

The secondary form of a disease is subdivided into several types:

  • the neural myatrophy – in this case an atrophy of muscles is connected with deformation of feet and shins. At patients gait is broken, it gains character of a steppage when when walking people highly raises knees. Over time reflexes of feet completely die away, and the disease extends to other extremities;
  • the progressing atrophy of muscles – symptoms are shown, as a rule, at children's age. The disease proceeds hard, is followed by sharp hypotonia, loss of tendon jerks and twitchings of extremities;
  • the atrophy of muscles of Aran islands-Dyushena - is generally localized in departments of upper extremities. At patients interosseous muscles and fingers atrophy. The hand gets a form of "a monkey brush". At the same time sensitivity of extremities remains, but tendon jerks completely disappear. Process of an atrophy steadily progresses and over time affects muscles of a neck and a trunk.

The main sign of all types of an atrophy is reduction of volume of the injured muscle. Especially considerably it when comparing with pair body of the healthy party. Also the atrophy of muscles which symptoms depend on weight of process always leads to reduction of a tone of muscles and is followed by painful feelings at a palpation of extremities.

Atrophy of muscles – treatment of a disease

Лечебная гимнастика - один из методов лечения атрофии мышцThe choice of a technique of treatment depends on a set of factors, including on a form of a disease, weight of process and age of the patient. Drug treatment assumes reception of such medicines as: disodium salt of adenosine triphosphoric acid (30 injections intramusculary), B1, B12 and E vitamins, Galantaminum (10-15 injections subcutaneously) and прозерин (orally or in the form of subcutaneous injections).

Are of great importance also: choice of healthy nutrition, physiotherapeutic procedures, massage, remedial gymnastics, electrotreatment, psychotherapy and spirituality. If the atrophy of muscles leads to lag of the child in respect of intellectual development, then to it appoint the neuropsychological sessions designed to smooth problems in communication and knowledge of new.

It should be noted that at the moment time at doctors does not exist medicine which is capable to cure with guarantee an atrophy of muscles of legs and other extremities. Nevertheless, correctly chosen technique allows to slow down significantly process of an atrophy, increases regeneration of muscle fibers, returns to the person the lost opportunities. For this purpose it is necessary to adhere carefully to recommendations of the doctor, to perform all appointed medical procedures and, the most important, not to lose courage, it is possible to live in harmony with the world at any, even the most serious illness.

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