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Гель Mustela Stelatria - как средство защиты от баланитаBalanitis is called the inflammation of a balanus. This most frequent inflammatory disease of a male reproductive system which is found at any age including balanitis cases at children are frequent.

Types of a balanitis

The balanitis by origin happens primary and secondary, on character of a current acute and chronic. On clinical implication distinguish the following forms of a balanitis:

  • Simple, or irritativny;
  • Erosive;
  • Ulcer;
  • Chronic hypertrophic;
  • Obliterating balanitis.

Balanitis reasons

Non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene when favorable conditions for the infection getting on a generative organ are created is the main reason of a balanitis. Also decrease local, and sometimes and the general immunity matters. The simple balanitis, in the absence of treatment, can pass in erosive, ulcer and chronic. The obliterating balanitis, as a rule, arises as an independent disease of a primary and chronic current, and the reasons of its emergence are still not clear.

The secondary balanitis is only one of symptoms which is proved by the general disease of an organism, autoimmune, endocrinological or infectious. Cases of emergence of a balanitis in the elderly patients suffering from a diabetes mellitus are frequent, the balanitis which is a consequence of autoimmune processes – sclerodermas, psoriasis, a system lupus erythematosus, etc. also meets. From infectious diseases the balanitis is provoked most often by causative agents of syphilis, gonorrhea, a trichomoniasis, sexual herpes, and also sort Candida fungi. Most often it is Candida albicans, that barmy infection which is the reason of development of the milkwoman in women, it is the reason of a candidosis balanitis at men.

The balanitis is, as a rule, caused in children by narrowing of a prepuce (phymosis) because of which in a preputial bag the smegma and the remains of urine serving as the irritating factor accumulate. At accession of an infection the balanus (balanitis) inflames, but in this case it inflames together with an internal leaf of a prepuce, and the balanoposthitis develops.

Balanitis symptoms

The first symptoms of a balanitis are unpleasant feelings in the field of a balanus: burning, an itch, especially in attempt to open a head. There is visible a reddening and hypostasis of a head. In case of sharply proceeding disease the general aggravation of symptoms joins usual symptoms of a balanitis: body temperature increases, there is a headache, the general tone decreases. The increased formation of a smegma, sometimes quantity it belongs to symptoms of a balanitis it is so considerable that impregnates underwear; and also purulent discharges from a preputial bag.

Balanitis symptoms in an erosive and ulcer form are, respectively, erosion and ulcers, the erosive form in the absence of treatment passes into ulcer. The erosive and ulcer balanitis is followed by pain in the field of the balanus amplifying at the movement.

The candidosis balanitis is characterized by strong feeling of an itch, emergence on a balanus of the erosion covered with a whitish plaque during which removal the hyperemic surface is bared. From a preputial bag liquid exudate is emitted, in the field of a coronal groove white curdled flakes can accumulate.

The obliterating balanitis proves emergence of sites of scarring on head skin. Sites are pale, with atrophied skin, emergence them is followed by feeling of tightness. In a stage of the developed disease at an obliterating balanitis there can be a narrowing (stricture) of an urethra, disturbances of an urination are a consequence of what.

The first sign of a balanitis at children, especially at small, is the uneasy behavior of the child. The kid is capricious, at him temperature can rise, violently reacts in attempt to bare a balanus. The inflamed fabric of a head is painful at hit on it of urine therefore the urination can be followed by crying.

Diagnosis of a balanitis

The diagnosis usually does not raise doubts, and for its statement there are enough symptoms of a balanitis revealed at survey of external genitals. Researches are necessary only for definition of an infestant that matters at treatment of a balanitis. The bacteriological research of a smear from an urethra is for this purpose conducted. In case of the persistent, not giving in to usual therapy balanitis, carry out the developed diagnosis: PTsR, blood test on sugar, a research on existence of STD (infections, sexually transmitted).

Treatment of a balanitis

Клотримазол - крем для лечения баланитаTreatment of the balanitis which is not complicated by a purulent inflammation, as a rule, is limited to use of local antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs. Careful hygiene of a penis is recommended for what it is necessary to bare a head, to carefully wash out it warm water with the soap containing the minimum quantity of a fragrance then the careful movements dry to get wet with a soft towel. Such procedures it is necessary to spend each 3-4 hours. Topical treatment of a balanitis is supplemented with washing of a balanus solutions of antiseptic agents: weak solution of potassium of permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, broths of officinal herbs of antiseptic action (sage, camomile, eucalyptus).

Treatment of a balanitis in an erosive form, in addition to the above described means, is carried out using antiinflammatory ointments which impose on the struck area 2-3 times a day after holding hygienic procedures.

If the disease was complicated by lymphadenitis (an inflammation of lymph nodes), or passed into ulcer and necrotic, gangrenous forms, topical treatment of a balanitis is carried out in combination with reception of antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity, a course from 7 to 14 days, depending on weight of a course of process.

At a candidosis balanitis on a naked head impose the ointment containing an antibiotic of antifungal action and also recommend a diet with the lowered amount of the easily acquired carbohydrates (sweet, sweet sparkling water, juice).

Obliterating balanitis treat depending on a disease stage. At early stages of rather long course of use of the ointments containing anti-inflammatory hormonal drugs. At a stage of emergence of narrowing of an urethra carry out surgical treatment of a balanitis, eliminating narrowing and deleting the sites of skin which underwent cicatricial change.

Treatment of a balanitis at children is carried out locally, washing out a balanus solutions of antiseptic agents. Kids for this purpose can be imprisoned several times a day in a tray with broth of officinal herbs, previously at least slightly baring a head.

If it is established that one of origins of an inflammation of a balanus was served by the available phymosis, carry out surgical treatment of a balanitis and phymosis, carrying out циркумцизио – operation of circumcision, or as it is called still, trimming.

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