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Useful properties of banana

Bananas contain carbohydrates, vitamins A, With, In, E, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, calcium, sodium, iron, copper. Banana caloric content – 90 kcal in 100 g of pulp.


Generally the advantage of banana is defined by availability of potassium. This substance is necessary for ensuring cordial activity, for growth of teeth and bones, work of a liver and muscles. Its deficit in an organism is given by night myotonia of legs. Therefore the regular use of bananas – leaders among products in the content of potassium is shown to people with such symptoms: 350 mg in 100 g of banana pulp.

Bananas and as "suppliers" of good mood are known. They contain tryptophane which after receipt in an organism turns into serotonin which has the weakening effect and increases mood.

Useful properties of bananas are important at anemia, supertension, atherosclerosis, diseases of kidneys, a liver, at heartburn, locks, the expressed premenstrual syndrome.

Bananas help to be peeled of slags, to eliminate an abstinence syndrome, kill pain at GIT ulcers, stimulate immune system, improve a dream, calm.

The advantage of banana for a digestive tract is expressed also that it contains the catecholamines which are helping at enteritis and removing inflammations mucous a stomach and a mouth.

Besides, with bananas it is easier to leave off smoking, and they are irreplaceable at intensive exercise and intellectual stresses.

Useful properties of bananas are shown also at their external use. In cosmetology fruit is used for food of skin and hair, with its help remove warts.

Use of banana

For disposal of heartburn before food about one banana is recommended to eat. Same consults to do also to those who has GIT ulcers.

Bananas at cough help. For this purpose fruit wipe through a sieve, put in hot sweet water, warm up and drink. Proportions for such medicine: two bananas on 200 ml of water.

Will help to stop diarrhea 4-5 bananas, and for fight against a depression rather daily to eat on one-two bananas.

The advantage of banana consists not only in its pulp. Also found for a banana peel application in house medicine. For example, it can wipe places of stings of insects to remove an itch. The same way is applied to acceleration of healing of bruises, cuts, scratches, bruises.

To remove a wart by means of banana, it is necessary to cut out a small square from its peel, to grease it from the inside with garlick juice or the crushed garlic, to impose all this on a wart and to fix by a plaster. Carry out the procedure for the night, and in the afternoon several times grease a wart with threads which are under a fruit peel. Banana and garlick applications do until the wart descends.

The fresh peel of banana helps to extend a splinter. For this purpose for the night the peel needs to be put to a sore point. Next morning the splinter will leave upward and it can be pulled out. For such cases it is better to take a peel of the resung bananas, with brown spots.

For elimination of pains in muscles, joints banana tincture for grindings helps. It is necessary to take 4-6 banana skins, to crush and fill in 500 ml of vodka, to insist 5 weeks.

Also the peel of banana helps to bring ascarids, pinworms, tapeworms. For this purpose it is dried up, crushed in powder, accepted on a pinch about 5 times a day, to food. Only that skin which after drying did not lose yellow color is suitable for treatment. It is possible to give this means from a peel of bananas to children. Its plus that it naturally, not toxically also does not give complications.

Despite rather high caloric content of banana it can be used for the dietary food directed to disposal of surplus of weight. It is possible to apply a bystry and effective three-day milk and banana monodiet at which it is daily allowed to drink three glasses of milk or kefir, to eat three bananas. It is in addition possible to drink water and green tea. The diet can be prolonged about one week, but in this case it is recommended to eat every day on two eggs not to allow protein loss. In such diets not the caloric content of banana, but low content of fats, availability of natural sugar and carbohydrates which give feeling of saturation is key, help to transfer a diet easier.

The special attention is deserved that it is possible to give bananas to children – they seldom cause an allergy and therefore are recommended for a fruit feeding up of children about one year. Bananas begin to give to children about ½ teaspoons a day and for the child this day do not give anything new any more: it is so possible to find out reaction of a children's organism to bananas. Further, if the allergy is not found, it is possible to use banana flour for cooking, to give bananas to children at frustration of system of digestion.

Смузи из банана

The nutritious and healing properties of banana use in cosmetology. For food of face skin mix banana with cream and honey and apply on skin on 20-30min. For giving of a tone to skin mix and put bananas with orange.

The advantage of banana and for growth of hair is known. For example, the mask from banana, an egg yolk, honey and sour cream is effective. Hold on hair such mask not less than an hour. For dry hair recommend to do a mask of banana, honey and the sprouted wheat, and for an oily hair mix honey, banana and a lemon. Hold these masks on hair of 20-30 minutes.


Such negative properties of banana are noticed: it can ferment in a stomach and complicate bile removal therefore it is not recommended to be washed down with water, juice or tea, is for the night and right after meal.

It is undesirable to use these fruit at thrombophlebitis, cancer diseases, the raised cholesterol, after a heart attack, a stroke.

Because of caloric content bananas need to be limited at obesity.

Ripe fruits are contraindicated at diabetes.

Whether you know that:

In our intestines are born, millions of bacteria live and die. They can be seen only at strong increase, but if they gathered, then would be located in a usual coffee cup.