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Bear fat

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Медвежий жирBear fat – the natural dietary supplement (DS) of antiinflammatory and antimicrobic action; fills shortage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, microelements, vitamins, other biologically active agents; increases resistance of an organism to infectious diseases, recovers immunity, a metabolism, increases turgor of skin.

Form of release and structure

  • Bear fat: 100% natural, melted (in polyethylene or glass bottles / banks of various capacity (depending on the producer) in packs cardboard on 1 piece, or unpacked);
  • The bear fat enriched: capsules 0,25 or 0,3 of (on 100 or 120 pieces in a pack cardboard).

Composition of bear fat: B1, B2, B4, B12 vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, micro and macrocells, fat oils.

Composition of the Bear fat enriched (1 capsule): bear fat – 0,125 g; fish oil – 0,05 g; linseed oil – 0,037 g; oil of germs of wheat – 0,037 g.

Indications to use

  • Diseases of bronchopulmonary system – colds, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia;
  • Diseases of the alimentary system – colitis, gastritises, pancreatitis, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum;
  • The general exhaustion of an organism owing to a long/serious illness, operation or the postponed injury.

For prevention Bear fat is recommended to patients of middle and advanced age for the purpose of the prevention of above-mentioned diseases and at decrease in immunity, the general working capacity (states which are connected with metabolism disturbance).


  • Diseases of a liver and biliary tract in an aggravation stage;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding period;
  • Individual intolerance.

Route of administration and dosage

Bear fat is accepted inside during meal.

The recommended dosing mode (for adults): 1 tablespoon (15 ml) 3 times a day. Course duration – 1 month. Therapy resuming by Bear fat after a monthly break is allowed.

Capsules the Bear fat enriched: adults accept during food 4-6 pieces, 2 times a day. Course duration – 3-4 weeks.

Side effects

Allergic reactions are possible.

Special instructions

Prior to use of dietary supplement it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

Medicinal interaction

There is no information on interaction of Bear fat with other medicinal substances / drugs.

Terms and storage conditions

To store in unavailable to children, the dark and dry place, at a temperature up to 20 °C, capsules – to 25 °C.

Period of validity – 2 years.

The prices in Internet drugstores:

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Balm Bear Fat Sustamed of a tube 75G

73 rub.

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Bear n100kaps fat 0.25g.

122 rub.

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Bear Fat the Enriched Sustamed of 0,3 g of n 120 of the capsule

140 rub.

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