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White tea

The type of tea which is exposed to weak oxidation (fermentation) is called "white" tea. He received such name thanks to the fact that kidneys of this grade are densely covered with white pile. On classification and fermentation rate (5-7%), it is on the second place after green.

Белый чай листовой

The idea of the maximum preservation of all its natural properties therefore tea leaves are exposed to the minimum processing is the cornerstone of technology of white tea.

For the first time white tea began to be made at court of the Chinese emperors where it was appreciated refined taste and distinguished aroma.

Production of white tea is concentrated in the Chinese province of Fujian and Zhejiang where he is brought together in mountains at the height of 1600-2200 m. Harvesting falls on the period from the middle of March until the beginning of April. Tea is collected manually from 5 to 9 h morning at a clear sunny weather. Because white tea has delicate aroma, collectors of a harvest are forbidden to smoke and eat onions, garlic, hot spices and alcohol not to transfer foreign smells to collected raw materials.

Presently tea is also grown up in Taiwan, India, Thailand, Nepal, Kenya, Malawi and in mountainous areas of Sri Lanka.

During a season of collecting white tea in China orchards which often border on tea plantations blossom. Aroma of flowers settles on silvery fibers of the first tea leaves that gives to drink characteristic flower aroma.

For elite white tea collect or one upper, soft and fragrant bud of a tea-plant – типс, or the same kidney with one next leaf. For less expensive types of tea collect two upper leaves of a bush. Collected raw materials are held about 1 min. over steam, for suspension of process of oxidation and fermentation, then leaves dry in the sun or in special wind furnaces. After these two stages, tea is considered ready to the use.

Leaves of white tea should not be broken or twisted, correctly collected and dried tea has to look as the whole dried-up leaf which color has to be silvery-green outside and whitish inside.

After a zavarivaniye qualitative white tea, according to reviews has to be pale yellow or chartreuse color, have delicate flower or grass aroma and sweet taste.

To the world market tea gets in limited quantity because of difficult storage conditions and labor-intensive process of collecting therefore the cost of white tea by 10 times exceeds the price of green or black tea.

Grades of white tea

There are six types of white tea, the main among which are:

  • Bai Hao Yin Zhen;
  • Baimudan;
  • Shou Mei;
  • Gong Mei.

Baimudans and Bai Hao Yin Zhen are teas of the superior quality as for them use only the whole kidneys, Shou Mei and Gong Mei are of a lower quality than the first two, make them from leaflets and the remains.

Properties and advantage of white tea

Thanks to the fact that by production this type of tea passes a processing minimum in it remains, in comparison with green or black tea, the greatest number of useful substances.

White tea is rich:

  • Antioxidants – polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids;
  • Mineral substances;
  • Amino acids;
  • Vitamins C, PP and B;
  • Microelements;
  • Essential oils;
  • Caffeine.

According to reviews, white tea is fine antidepressant, quickly calms and weakens, eliminates irritability and saves from fatigue.

The immunostimulating, antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties of white tea are known. It well satisfies thirst and refreshes during a heat, and thanks to the essential oils which are contained in white pile, is natural antioxidant, clears an organism and improves mood.

White tea brings the greatest benefit to the person at cold as quickly removes symptomatology and strengthens immunity. Also it promotes healing of wounds, increases coagulability of blood, interferes with development of cardiovascular diseases, cancer tumors and caries.

Thanks to curative properties white tea is widely used in cosmetology where it is one of components by production of shower gels and creams.

The researches conducted at the Kingston university in 2009 confirmed that having high antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties white tea can reduce risk of development of a pseudorheumatism, and also slow down process of aging of integuments.

Zavarivaniye of white tea

To make tasty and fragrant drink in which all useful properties of white tea will remain it is important to follow certain rules. First, it is important to use glass, ceramic or porcelain teapots, gayvan or glass glasses for tea preparation. Ware before preparation needs to be warmed up hot water and to dry up, only after it she is fit for preparation of drink.

Белый чай

Secondly, water which will fill in tea has to be not hotter – 60-85 °C, it is desirable to use Deep-well or any other water from sources. For one portion in 150 ml 3-5 g of tea which are ready for 2-3 min. undertake. Within 30 min. it is possible to perezavarivat the same portion of drink several times.

It is the best of all to store tea in a new glass or clay container with a lid far away from spices as it quickly absorbs all foreign smells.

White tea – the tasty and fragrant drink rich with amino acids, essential oils, useful substances, vitamins and antioxidants. It not only invigorates, improves mood and takes off fatigue, and also strengthens immunity and prevents development of many diseases.

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