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Sheep cheese

Useful properties of sheep cheese

Sheep cheese is a fermented milk product which is cooked by milk souring by abomasal enzymes. Брынза

Traditionally for preparation of sheep cheese use sheep milk, but use of milk goat or cow is allowed. Home-made sheep cheese is whenever possible cooked, using the real abomasum – a part of a stomach of goats, sheep or cows. On big productions and when initial raw materials in natural a look are unavailable, apply abomasal powder or tablets to ferment.

Sheep cheese is considered the most useful cheese from all to us known. Sheep cheese keeps the useful properties thanks to feature of production. For its preparation take exclusively fresh milk, it is desirable for high fat content. To heat treatment milk is not subjected, after turning under the influence of enzymes he is stood in a brine. It is considered that it is necessary to keep cheese in salty solution not less than 20 days, but sheep cheese which was salted for 60 days has the best tastes. The longer sheep cheese was drawn, the solony it on taste.

The home-made sheep cheese or made under production conditions, but with respect for technologies, in particular, without vinegar addition, contain vitamins B, E, A, and also calcium, fluorine, phosphorus, protein. Existence of these microelements also caused curative properties of sheep cheese: at the regular use of brine cheese the structure and skin color of the person change, improve digestion and a chair, development of bacteria, causing rotting of contents of intestines stops.

It is considered that the calcium which remained in sheep cheese after milk processing is acquired much better, than from cottage cheese therefore cheese is useful to children in a growth period since calcium is important for the correct odontosis, a bone tissue. Only 100 g of cheese are capable to provide the person with day norm of this microelement. Home-made sheep cheese is recommended to use to also elderly people, pregnant women, the feeding women.Брынзу считают самым полезным сыром из всех нам известных

Caloric content of the sheep cheese made from cow's milk – 260 kcal, fats contains about 26 g in 100 g in it. Caloric content of sheep cheese of 50% of fat content – 370 kcal.

Dietary product this cheese to call difficult and those who watches weight should limit the use of sheep cheese, but that who actively plays sports, or sheep cheese caloric content for health reasons needs a high-calorific diet, its fat content and protein content will be by the way.


In sheep cheese, considering feature of its preparation, a lot of sodium contains, and there is practically no potassium therefore it is not recommended to be used constantly that in whom diseases of a nervous system, a pancreas, bile-excreting channels are found, pathologies in work of a stomach, kidneys, a liver are found.

To remove excesses of salt from sheep cheese, it is advised after purchase by an integral piece to soak in cold water or just before the use in the small portions on 70 g to keep a couple of minutes in boiled water.

For health also the correct storage of sheep cheese is important. It is possible to store cheese from open packaging in the refrigerator no more than three weeks. It is good if it is stored in own brine if there is no such opportunity, cheese is wrapped in food wrap or a foil.

You should not buy cheese at which the crust was at the edges formed - it is the overripe product which it is long and incorrectly stored.

What is still important – to sheep cheese holes on a cut are uncharacteristic. Correctly made brine cheese has to be dense and soft, without pungent smell, with creamy gentle taste.

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