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Today to include булгур in the menu it is considered fashionable. This grain – a kind of wheat which the mankind eats already more than 4 thousand years. Cereal raw materials for it at first process the ferry of high temperature, and already then split up. As a result the grain cover, a set of valuable nutrients and the most delicate taste remains.


The countries of the Mediterranean and the Middle East both appreciated long ago булгур and included it in the national cuisines. In recent years he took the worthy place in diets of our compatriots.

Porridge булгур: not all useful tasteless

Caloric content of a bulgur – 340 kcal on 100 g, at the same time it is rich not only carbohydrates (76 g), but also contains considerable amount of protein (12 g), and also rough food fibers, vitamins and minerals, necessary for normal life activity of a human body:

  • B1;
  • B2;
  • B5;
  • B6;
  • B9;
  • Е;
  • To;
  • PP;
  • Beta Cortinum;
  • Sincaline;
  • Potassium;
  • Calcium;
  • Magnesium;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Iron.

It is necessary to notice that porridge булгур contains a huge amount of useful food nutrients. At the same time its caloric content demands the dosed use, especially from people with excess body weight.

So, the complex of vitamins of group B positively affects functioning of both the central, and peripheral nervous system. Cellulose normalizes structure and work of intestinal microflora, brings harmful substances out of an organism.

Also thanks to existence of rough grain covers булгур rather slowly is digested, does not cause jumps of glucose and insulin in blood, promotes long preservation of feeling of saturation, that is is useful slow carbohydrate and it is used at catering services of growing thin. It is necessary to refrain from it only to people with intolerance of gluten – a Gee's disease, and also during an exacerbation of diseases of digestive organs.

Bulgur: recipes for every taste

To prepare grain булгур it it is enough to fill in with boiled water and to allow to infuse under a cover – porridge turns out friable and fragrant. It is rather simple to add creamy or olive oil to it and it is possible to feast! Nevertheless there is a set of recipes from a bulgur. One of them – a popular dish of Lebanese cuisine to a tabula.

Tabule is a peculiar salad which can be eaten both warm, and cold. For its preparation it is required to extinguish on a frying pan with olive oil enough tomatoes and pepper. Then to add grain булгур, to insist under a cover to readiness, to fill with spices (black pepper, etc.) and lemon juice. To give with a large number of chopped greens – cilantro and parsley.

Greeks bulgury stuff red sweet pepper. For this purpose grain and chick-pea are boiled to readiness, add to them the crushed garlic, the parsley fried on olive oil onions, mushrooms and spinach fill with salt and an oregano. The stuffing is spread in halves of pepper, all cover with a foil and bake 15 minutes. From above on a ready hot dish spread cheese pieces feta.

Салат с булгуром

The stuffing from a bulgur perfectly is in harmony with tomatoes and shrimps – to a croup to boil and cool. To crush tomato pulp, red onions, cilantro, to add the welded and cleared shrimps, to connect with bulgury, to salt, fill with olive oil and to fill halves of tomatoes.

Bulgur becomes a fine basis of pilaf, replacing rice, perfectly prepares in a wok frying pan with chicken, vegetables and soy sauce, is a part of soups and desserts.

Thus, булгур it is very useful to health, is available and is a basis of a set of the most tasty dishes. He perfectly is suitable for various culinary experiments, prepares simply and quickly.

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