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Bull eggs – a tasty and useful delicacy

Seed plants of cattle, sheep and pigs are applied in world cookery, are famous for juicy taste and useful properties.Бычьи яйца - деликатесный продукт с пикантным вкусом

Useful properties of bull eggs

The main advantage of bull eggs is that it is very nutritious product. Caloric content of bull eggs makes 230 calories (in 100 grams), but the main thing the fact that they are a source of the easily acquired protein (13%). It is a little fats in bull eggs – 34%. The official medicine already established that the use of bull seed plants gives forces and energy.

The fact that the advantage of bull eggs for "male power" is high is truthful only partly. The matter is that at heat treatment hormones which could help to strengthen a potentiality completely collapse. It means that at problems with an erection only the crude product can help. But the advantage of bull eggs in the raw, the same as their taste, is doubtful. Before deciding on such experiment it is necessary to be convinced that the animal was ideally healthy. Harm which can bring crude meat considerably exceeds advantage of such way of treatment of problems with a potentiality.

And here correctly prepared bull eggs dish is useful for all, it contains biological substances, important for an organism.

Bull eggs which caloric content in comparison with other types of meat, quite low, the people keeping to a diet for fight against excess weight and obesity can use.Калорийность бычьих яиц - 230 ккал на 100 г

It is also proved that regular presence at a diet of this offal well influences activity of a nervous system, a musculoskeletal system.

Contraindications of bull eggs

There are no serious reasons to refuse the use a delicacy. Only, it is necessary to process thermally bull eggs to avoid infection with the parasites, a leukosis and other diseases affecting cattle.

It is undesirable to use a stale product – at the choice it is necessary to give preference to bull eggs of pink color with bluish streaks. It is impossible to buy seed plants of greenish or gray color.

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