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Fleming's ointment

Fleming's ointment – natural homeopathic remedy for external use.

Form of release and composition of ointment of Fleming

Ointment is produced in a polymeric bottle on 15 and 25 g.Мазь Флеминга

Main active ingredients of ointment: calendula (Calendula D1), plants witch-hazel (Hamamelis D1), эскулюс (Aesculus D1), zinc oxide, menthol, vaseline. Ointment contains glycosides, carotinoids, alphapinene, p-propenyl anisole, cineol.

Pharmacological action

Drug renders the antiinflammatory, anesthetizing, bactericidal, drying action. Regular use of ointment promotes improvement of processes of cellular respiration and microcirculation in fabrics, acceleration of processes of regeneration, increase in protective forces of an organism, reduction of venous stagnation.

There are reviews of Fleming's ointment, as about the medicine which is effectively removing a skin itch at allergic dermatitis.

Indications to use of ointment of Fleming

Ointment is applied at vasculomotor rhinitis, dermatitis of allergic character and other skin diseases, an inflammation of hemorrhoidal nodes as drying and anesthetic, the weakened immunity.


  • Hypersensitivity to the operating drug components;
  • Individual intolerance of medicine;
  • Children's age up to two years.

Application instruction of ointment of Fleming

Fleming's ointment according to the instruction is recommended to use as follows:

  • At hemorrhoids means should be put with a cotton plug from one to three times a day daily for a week. If necessary after consultation with the doctor the medical course should be repeated;
  • At vasculomotor rhinitis recommend to put in nasal bosoms of a turunda with ointment for 5-10 minutes or to grease directly mucous membrane in a nose three times a day for one-two weeks.

For the purpose of clarification of efficiency of ointment about four hundred stories of diseases of patients of both floors by age from 18 to 65 years with the diagnosis "rhinitis" were analyzed. Мазь Флеминга - средство от геморрояThe structure of a complex and symptomatic treatment included topical administration of ointment. After two days of treatment at a third of patients the nose congestion symptom disappeared, at 5% of patients the myxopoiesis stopped. At 3% olfactory function was recovered, at 1% hypostasis of bosoms of a nose considerably decreased. For the tenth day of treatment at 100% of observed patients all symptoms of a disease completely disappeared. Patients transferred treatment well, by-effects were not observed.

  • When using ointment in treatment of dermatitis recommend to grease with drug the damaged sites of skin in the morning and in the evening for one-two weeks.

Side effects

Reviews of ointment confirm the fact that this homeopathic medicine, as a rule, does not cause side reactions. Extremely seldom at certain patients allergic reaction to the main components of drug is observed.

Use of ointment of Fleming at pregnancy

Ointment is shown for treatment of diseases which occur at pregnant women quite often – hemorrhoids, rhinitis, dermatitis. The most part of reviews of Fleming's ointment prove good tolerance of drug pregnant women. However at pregnancy Fleming's ointment nevertheless should be applied with care under observation of the doctor.

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