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About orthopedics

Ортопедия - диагностика и лечение заболеваний

The orthopedics is one of sections of clinical medicine, connected with studying of diseases of a musculoskeletal system. Such activities as get to an area of interest of orthopedics: prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disturbances of the functions of a musculoskeletal system arising owing to inborn malformations, inflammatory processes and injuries.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 2/3 population of our planet in a varying degree suffer from diseases of joints and a backbone. Osteoporosis, arthritis, flat-footedness, a kyphosis, ишиаз, the atrophy and other problems of a musculoskeletal system considerably reduce quality of life of people, limit freedom of movement, reduce human life to performance of the elementary actions and labor duties. For this reason the orthopedics draws close attention of the researchers developing the new techniques of treatment of diseases and technical means allowing to facilitate process of treatment and rehabilitation.

The children's orthopedics as many chronic diseases of joints and a backbone are a consequence of indifference to them at early age is especially important in this plan. Development of children's orthopedics will allow to increase literacy and awareness of parents in the matter, will force them to see a doctor at emergence of alarming symptoms in time. It is very important point, if not to begin timely treatment, then there are inevitable difficulties with development of the child which quite often result in his disability and falling of quality of life.

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