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Care of hair after a hairstyle

Мытье волос
Washing of hair
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That hair were healthy, they need to be washed correctly. Not too often, if only this is not about an oily hair. Water has to be warm, ideally boiled (so it is softer). Shampoo by all means has to approach type of hair, before drawing it needs to be diluted with water in the ratio 1:1. It is obligatory to use balm after washing, so hair will be able to return integrity of the structure, will become smooth and brilliant.
Фены, плойки,
Hair dryers, curling irons, "irons"
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Hair dryers, curling irons, "irons" are the injuring factors for hair of any type. Of course, it is not always possible to do completely without similar devices, but it is necessary to try to minimize their harmful effects on hair. For example, during drying as the hair dryer to choose the "cold" mode instead of "hot", when using the curling iron or "iron" to use thermoprotective equipment which will save hair from an overheat.
Правильная расческа
Correct hairbrush
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Also the correct hairbrush is not less important for hair. What it has to be? The brush with a natural bristle or a wooden comb will best of all cope with the task. It is necessary to comb hair, since tips, gradually moving up. Never try to untangle wet ringlets, so you risk to deform their structure. Also the enemy attempting upon health of your head of hear is the metal hairbrush.
Как нужно расчесывать волосы
As it is necessary to comb hair
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Hair should be combed twice a day. Short – from roots to tips, long – on the contrary, previously having divided them into locks and consistently passing each of them. When combing the massage of the head promoting the best food of hair bulbs is performed. Also a hairbrush, moving on all length of hair, evenly distributes on them skin fat that does hair smooth and brilliant.
Меры предосторожности зимой и летом
Precautionary measures in the winter and in the summer
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Hair very much do not love sharp differences of temperatures. They are equally badly influenced by both a heat, and cold. In the winter therefore it is necessary to hide hair under a cap, without allowing cold frosty air to make on them impact. It is also necessary to use a headdress and sun-protection means in the summer (for example, shampoo with SPF protection).
Маски для волос
Masks for hair
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It is possible to present to the hair special leaving, applying masks to hair. Today practically each cosmetic line releases such means, and it is possible to pick up suitable your type of hair. Except masks of industrial production, the structures prepared with own hand from natural ingredients, the benefit will be good help in care of hair, recipes at forums and the different websites are enough.
Внимание на кончики волос!
Attention to tips of hair!
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If not to look after tips, then hair will not look healthy. Tips are most of all subject to damages. They are influenced by combing, contact with clothes, thermal effect of curling irons and "irons" – from all this they begin to split. To keep beauty and health of hair, time in two months should be cut tips. It will update a hairstyle, hair will lie more exactly and to look more well-groomed.
Вспомогательные средства
Supportive applications
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Also health of hair not only shampoos, balms and masks have to take care of beauty. From what hairpins, invisible beings and elastic bands you use, a lot of things depend. Hard elastic bands too strongly pull together ringlets that is reflected in a condition of hair bulbs, and at their removal the whole bunches of hair often escape. Jewelry has to be safe – not to injure head skin and not to deform structure of a hair.


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