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Safety rules on the ski slope

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Rule 1
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Respect for people around. The snowboarder or the skier has to behave carefully, the actions without endangering people around and without causing them damage.
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Rule 2
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Control of the direction and speed of the movement. It is necessary to move to descent time from the mountain it is managed; the way and speed of the movement have to correspond to personal opportunities of the athlete, and also complexity of the route and weather. It is necessary to consider the number of people on a slope.
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Rule 3
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Choice of the direction. During descent from the mountain, getting closer to the athletes going ahead, choose the direction of the movement so that to avoid collision.
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Rule 4
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Overtaking. Overtake other skier or the snowboarder, leaving it enough place for maneuver.
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Rule 5
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Precautionary measures. Before descent attentively look round around. Make sure that the athlete ahead of you drove off on safe distance, and only after that begin the movement. It is necessary to arrive also when resuming the movement in case of its unexpected stop.
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Rule 6
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Avoid a stop on a slope, except for extreme need, especially in those places where visibility is limited. In case of falling as soon as possible free the route.
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Rule 7
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Rising or going down on a slope without skis or a snowboard, you stick to the roadside.
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Rule 8
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Surely observe all signs and a marking.
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Rule 9
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Help to people around. If you saw that to someone during descent there was an accident, give to the victim feasible help.
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Rule 10
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If you became the eyewitness or the participant of any situation which arose during descent, find out names of all attendees. It will help further at establishment of the cause of the incident.
Бугельный подъемник: подъем
Surface lift: rise
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It is necessary to observe turn to avoid excess expectation and jams. To the place of the beginning of rise enter immediately. You hold sticks from outer side, grasp with a free hand an elevator rack. Load skis evenly, do not rely on the neighbor.
Бугельный подъемник: сход
Surface lift: descent
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In advance prepare for the end of towage, be not late and at once you leave the place of unhitching. During descent you do not descend from a ski track prematurely not to create danger to themselves and people around.
Кресельный подъемник: посадка
Chair lift: landing
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Observe turn, be not pushed. Sit down on the place and close a safety bracket. You hold skis horizontally and not movably. During rise it is necessary to sit quietly, without making excess movements. It is forbidden to smoke.
Кресельный подъемник: сход
Chair lift: descent
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You should not jump out from the elevator or from it to leave premature. Before the end of rise lift a safety bracket. You descend from the lifting device immediately, releasing space for other rising.

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