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New Year's traditions of the different countries

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New Year's celebrations take place in Australia exotically. As there is no snow in the country, Father Frost appears on beaches of Sydney in a swimming suit and on brightly decorated surf. In New Year's evening it is accepted to visit the big companies public places and to watch a festive salute.
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In Austria tradition is to hear on New Year's Eve a solemn alarm of "A world the bell" established on Saint Stephen's cathedral in Vienna. On December 31 thousands of people gather on Cathedral Square.
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In Argentina there is a tradition in the last day year to throw out old calendars, unnecessary forms, etc. from windows. In the capital of the country - Buenos Aires, already by noon sidewalks and roads become covered by a continuous layer of paper. Nobody can explain from where this strange custom undertook.
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In Burma New year falls on the hottest season therefore he is met by a water festival. On streets people water each other from different ware. At the same time nobody takes offense – this ritual, some kind of, happiness wish in the coming year.
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In Bulgaria on the eve of New Year it is accepted to buy cornel sticks. On January 1 children congratulate the family on a holiday, slightly hitting them with these sticks. With the last blow of hours of the expiring year it is accepted to turn off in houses the light for several minutes, this time is considered time of kisses. Bulgarians very much rejoice if at the holiday table someone sneezes since it is considered that it brings good luck.
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In Brazil on the eve of New Year on ocean beaches thousands of candles are lit, and women in long dresses come into water and throw petals of flowers into an ocean surf.
Great Britain
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In Great Britain on the Christmas's eve the house is decorated with branches of a mistletoe and an ostrolistnik. According to ancient tradition, on the eve of Christmas of the man can kiss any girl who stopped under ornament from these plants. One more tradition is the Christmas log. For Christmas the big tree is cut, and the whole year it lies – dries. And only in a year it is kindled in the center.
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In the Netherlands for Christmas it is accepted to prepare donuts with raisin. Children prepare entertainments for a Christmas foal – put carrot and hay in wooden shoes. The foal, in turn, leaves for children an entertainment – cakes and candies.
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In Greece exactly at midnight the head of family leaves to the yard and breaks a garnet fruit against a wall. If grains scatter on the yard – means, the family next year will happily live. And going for New year on a visit, Greeks surely bring with themselves a heavy stone and speak: "Let money of owners in New year will be as heavy as this stone".
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Indonesia meets New Year very unusually. On the island of Bali celebration lasts 10 days. These days erect two-meter columns from the tinted rice there – a gift to gods. And on the termination of a holiday of a column understand on houses where are safely eaten.
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Residents of northern India for New Year decorate themselves with red, pink, violet and white paints. In the central India it is accepted to decorate buildings with multi-colored flags, and in western – to light small sparks on roofs of houses.
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On the eve of New Year in Ireland doors of all houses reveal wide open and everyone who will wish to come will become the welcome guest. The guest will be seated surely on a place of honor and treated with a glass of good wine. One more tradition is for half an hour about New Year to come to the central square, to dance, sing and have fun.
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New Year's celebrations in Italy begin on December 13, on the date of Saint Lyuchiya when celebrate a festival of light. On December 24 to Italians local Father Frost – Babbo Natale comes. On January 6 the little old woman witch Befana carries to children gifts which puts in the small chulochka which are specially prepared for this case.
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In Spain the main holiday in a year Christmas which can be carried out in the bosom of the family, at magnificently laid table is considered. Spaniards give preference to sweet dishes: to almond cakes, pies from the wine test, to cookies with caraway seeds. As well as in Italy, gifts to children can be given here on January 6. And on December 31 Spaniards will see off among the friends, this day the holiday – of Saint Nicholas is necessary Day.
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In Kenya it is accepted to celebrate New Year on water. Kenyans swim in lakes, the rivers, the ocean, swim by boats and have fun as they can.
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China celebrates New Year during the period from January 21 to February 21 – during a new moon. On streets of China on New Year's Eve passes solemn processions, people light lamps to light to themselves a way in New Year, and by means of crackers and fireworks frighten off evil spirits and evil spirit which as Chinese are sure, surround the coming year.
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Colombia is sure that without explosions of fireworks and firing of a holiday cannot be. Colombians make dolls which symbolize the expiring year, carry them on sticks and read ridiculous wills. Exactly at midnight the petards and fireworks hidden in dolls begin to blow up. Thus, the holiday turns out is shrouded in fire and smoke.
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In Cuba before New Year all fill glasses with water and when hours beat midnight, splash out them on the street through open windows, symbolizing the successful termination of old year. Cubans wish each other that the next year was same pure and clear as water. It is remarkable that hours in New Year in Cuba beat only 11 times as the 12th blow is necessary the next year – hours are given rest.
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Mexico meets new year by fireworks and carnival processions. There is a tradition to break the clay pots filled with water, fruit and New Year's gifts.
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In Mongolia New Year matches a cattle breeding holiday. On it stage sports meets, contests on sharpness and dexterity. Mongolia also meets New Year near a fir-tree, only Father Frost at them is dressed in the cattle-farmer.

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