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Adam's root

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Useful properties

Растение - адамов корень The plant belongs to family of a yam family and represents the grassy liana reaching four meters in length. One more name of a root – a blackbryony ordinary.

Apply in medicine preferential plant roots. It is better to dig out and prepare them in the fall.

The Adam's root contains tannins, steroids, ant and oxalic acids, glycosides, alkaloids.

The Adam's root in medicine found application thanks to its soothing, healing, styptic action.

Treatment by an Adam's root

Treatment by an Adam's root effectively at bronchitis, a varicosity, an inflammation of a middle ear, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis and pneumonia, kidneys, a bladder, uterus appendages, stomach ulcer.

Use Adam's a root is shown at eczema and warts, radiculitis, a sciatica, rheumatism. The positive effect is caused by the fact that fat oils of roots of a plant I stimulate a blood stream, influence nerve terminations.

The regenerating properties of a root use for elimination of bruises and bruises. For healing of wounds they can be powdered with powder from a root.

To prepare medical tincture Adam's a root for external use, take 200 g of the crushed prepared raw materials, fill in 500 ml of vodka, maintain 5 days. This means pound sore points at osteochondrosis and radiculitis.

The fresh root of a plant can be applied as the anesthetizing poultices. For this purpose the root is drenched with boiled water and imposed on sore points, having turned in a gauze.

At bronchial asthma, sexual dysfunction and stomach ulcer the root is mixed with honey, butter, accepted 2-3 times a day on 1y to a teaspoon.

For treatment of inflammations of appendages, elimination of cysts on ovaries prepare such tincture Adam's a root: one tablespoon of a root is filled in 0,5l alcohol of 60-70%, insisted 10 days. To accept such infusion about one tablespoon is shown, mixing it with water (about 70 ml) three times a day in 30 min. after meal. Treatment is considered finished when three bottles of means are used.

At a stroke such means helps: 1 tablespoon Adam's a root is filled in by 300 ml of vodka, insist 10 days, filter. Accept means on 25 drops daily after food two times a day. Tincture before reception should be mixed from 70 ml of water. Treatment lasts month, it is possible to repeat it in two weeks. The good effect is observed after carrying out two or three courses.

For national treatment of polyps and endometrial cancer, prepare such tincture Adam's a root: 0,5 teaspoons of roots fill in 200 ml of boiled water, 2 hours insist, drink daily 2-3 times after food. Treatment at cancer lasts three weeks, later Адамов кореньit is necessary to take a week break and again to complete a course.

For treatment of inflammations of a bladder 100gr a root fill in with liter of dry wine, maintain three days, and drink after that on 1y to a tablespoon 3 times a day.

With three-percent boric ointment the root is mixed for removal of warts, by treatments of eczema. Means process affected areas before recovery. For obtaining the maximum effect it is recommended to combine means with a hellebore.

Contraindications to use Adam's a root

Treatment by an Adam's root cannot be carried out at hypersensitivity to a plant. Means is contraindicated to children to 3kh years, to pregnant women and the feeding women.

It is necessary to consider that internal use Adam's a root can cause: the irritation of a digestive tract, the overestimated dosages of means can provoke diarrhea and vomiting.

Outwardly infusion on roots is applied with care since it can leave a burn on skin.

Berries of a plant cannot be used, they are poisonous.

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