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Адепресс – the drug of antidepressive action intended for treatment of emotional frustration.

Form of release and structure

Адепресс is issued in the form of tablets, film coated.

The main operating component of medicine is пароксетин, in one tablet its contents equals 20 mg. Besides, to Adepress are added: calcium hydrophosphate, magnesium stearate, примогель, corn starch.

The cover of medicine consists of Opadraya 2, titanium dioxide, a macrogoal, monohydrate of lactose.

Indications to use

As indications in the instruction to Adepress the following states are specified:

  • All types of a depression, including reactive, heavy endogenous, alarming;
  • Obsessivno-kompulsivnoye frustration (notions of compulsion and actions);
  • Panic frustration, agoraphobia (fear of open space);
  • Social and alarming frustration;
  • Generalized alarming frustration (general steady alarm);
  • Stressful posttraumatic frustration.


As it is specified in the instruction to Adepress, at pregnancy and feeding by a breast drug cannot be accepted.

Route of administration and dosage

It is necessary to take medicine 1 times/days in the morning during food. The tablet is not chewed and washed down with a large amount of water.

It is necessary to consider that Adepress without appointment of the doctor cannot be applied. The doctor selects a medicine dosage individually, by practical consideration within 1-2 weeks.

The recommended drug dosage depending on a disease and its stage following:

  • Depression. An average dose – 20 mg a day (1 tablet), in need of it gradually increase, weekly adding 10 mg. The daily dose should not exceed 50 mg/days;
  • Obsessivno-kompulsivnoye frustration. The initial therapeutic dose makes 20 mg/days. The dose increases weekly by 10 mg before achievement of the therapeutic answer. The recommended Adepress's number makes from 40 to 60 mg a day;
  • Panic frustration. An initial dose – 10 mg/days. Increase in a dosage is recommended to be carried out on 10 mg. An average therapeutic dose – 40 mg/days. Maximum – no more than 60 mg/days;
  • Social and alarming frustration. The initial dose makes 20 mg/days. If the effect is absent within 2 weeks, it can be increased to 50 mg/days. The dose should be increased by 10 mg with an interval not less than a week, depending on clinical effect;
  • Posttraumatic stressful frustration. The initial dosage makes 20 mg/days. In individual cases increase in a dose up to 50 mg/days is recommended. The dose should be increased by 10 mg every week depending on clinical effect;
  • Generalized alarming frustration. Initial and therapeutic doses make 20 mg/days.

The dose appointed to patients with a renal or liver failure should not exceed 20 mg / boughs.

In the instruction to Adepress the attention that for elderly patients the quantity of the accepted paroksetin in days should not exceed 40 mg is paid.

Not to allow a disease recurrence, it is necessary to carry out preventive therapy. After disappearance of bright symptoms, the course has to proceed not less than 4-6 months, and at more difficult diseases (such, for example, as panic frustration) the term of use of Adepress increases.

It must be kept in mind that sharp drug withdrawal can lead to an aggravation of symptoms and a recurrence therefore the termination of reception of Adepress should be carried out gradually.

Side effects

Adepress's use can result in drowsiness or, on the contrary – sleeplessness, and also to dizziness attacks, alarm. Seldom administration of drug leads to hallucinations, spasms, manias, panic frustration are even less often possible. According to reviews, this antidepressant causes similar reactions in isolated cases.

During administration of drug disturbances of a musculoskeletal, urinary system, disorder of a reproductive system, GIT, cardiovascular system, and also deterioration in sight can be observed.

Most often Adepress's use causes such by-effect as a temporary gastric disturbance, and also allergic reactions (is more often in the form of different skin rashes) and the strengthened sweating.

Adepress's overdose can be shown in the form of nausea, expansion of pupils, fever, change of the ABP, tachycardia, a headache, involuntary muscular contractions, agitation, uneasiness.

Special instructions

At a concomitant use with other psychotropic drugs and/or ethanol (alcohol), changes of an ECG, deterioration in the general state up to a coma are possible. The combination of this drug to some other medicines can lead to a number of disturbances of a hemopoiesis, such as the raised bleeding, change of composition of plasma, etc. therefore it is necessary to accept it only on doctor's orders.


Treat drugs which mechanism of influence is similar to Adepress's action:

  • Золофт;
  • Fluoxetine;
  • Lenuksin;
  • Серлифт;
  • Serenata;
  • Ципралекс;
  • Siozam;
  • Серлифт;
  • Lenuksin;
  • Sedopram, etc.

Terms and storage conditions

As it is specified in the instruction to Adepress, drug is stored in the place, dry, unavailable to children, at a temperature not above 25 °C. A period of validity – 2 years.

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