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Гриб агарик

Agarik is a mushroom from family geminialny. It is used as raw materials for production of dietary supplements (Dietary supplements).

The types which are the most often used for this purpose are Agarik Brazilsky and Agarik Bely (Listvennichny).

Chemical composition

Agaric acid is Agarik Listvennichny's part. Agarik Brazilsky contains a large amount of ergosterol, a sodium piroglyutamat, antineoplastic lipids, glucans, saccharites, including beta carotene.

Useful properties

Agarik Bely is actively used as means for weight loss and clarification of an organism. In instructions to dietary supplement it is said that it contributes to normalization of a metabolism, thereby helping smooth and natural weight loss without harm to health. Average rate of reduction of weight at Agarik's use for weight loss (on condition of observance of a diet) – 5 kg a month.

Agarik Brazilsky contains many polysaccharides, to one of which (beta glucan) antineoplastic action is attributed. There are data that beta glucans stimulate immune system, thereby activating natural antineoplastic mechanisms.

Indications to use

Thanks to the useful properties Agarik is recommended to use at:

  • Complex therapy of tumoral diseases (including at late stages);
  • Carrying out himio-and radiation therapy;
  • Complex treatment of a radial illness;
  • Autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, autoimmune thyroiditis, etc.);
  • Syndrome of chronic fatigue;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • High-quality new growths (mastopathy, hysteromyoma, etc.);
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Excess weight;
  • The raised exercise stresses.


Agarik's use is not recommended at pregnancy, during feeding by a breast and also if age of the patient less than 12 years.

House drugs from Agarik

It is better to disclose Agarik's properties special broths which are simple to preparing in house conditions will help.

For preparation of infusion for weight loss from Agarik Bely take a tablespoon of the crushed mushroom, fill in with 1,5 liters of boiled water and place in a thermos. In the morning filter and accept on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Different way of preparation of infusion for weight reduction: 1 tablespoon of a mushroom to fill in 300 ml of boiled water then to boil on small fire about 20 minutes. After boiling it is necessary to add water again, thus bringing solution to former volume. To infuse the turned-out mix on an extent of 4 hours, then to accept up to 3 times a day on 1 tablespoon in 15 minutes prior to reception write. One course lasts not less than 30-40 days then it is necessary to take a break – 2 weeks. About 3-4 courses in a year are recommended to carry out.

It is possible to remove lyambliya by means of Agarik Bely the next way: to fill in a glass of a mushroom of 0,5 l of vodka, then to insist within two weeks in the dark place. To accept mix three times a day on 1 tablespoon before food. It is not recommended to dilute infusion, however it can be washed down with broth of herbs (a calendula, a Sophora, a red brush). The course of treatment makes 30 days.

For use of dietary supplement in complex therapy it is recommended to train him according to the following recipes:

  • Agarik Brazilsky in the form of powder it is necessary to dissolve in water (volume of 50-100 ml) or dogrose broth (the mushroom is better acquired with vitamin C);
  • Agarik in number of 0,5 g to make 20 g of warm water and to accept in the morning for an hour till a breakfast. New solution is recommended to prepare every time.

For treatment of tumoral diseases it is necessary to fill in 5 g of a mushroom of 150 ml of vodka then to infuse mix in the cold place. It is recommended to accept infusion to 3 times a day on a tablespoon.

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