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Spark cartilage

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Акулий хрящ в капсулахThe spark cartilage is a dietary supplement as which main component the natural crushed cartilage of a shark acts.

Form of release and structure

Dietary supplement is produced in two types – in the form of ointment and capsules.

Additive represents atsidpolisakharidproteinovy drug, with the content of collagen and glikozaminoglikan (vitamins C, In and And, chondroitin sulfate) thanks to which capsules and ointment with a cartilage of a shark are allocated with medicinal properties.

Squirrels, acting as one of the main components of additive, an angiogenesis inhibits, thereby interfering with formation of new blood vessels at malignant tumors, the phosphorus and calcium which are a part of dietary supplement render the immunostimulating effect.

Indications to use

The spark cartilage in the form of capsules is applied at an allergy (including an allergic dermatosis), osteochondrosis, some eye and skin diseases, hemorrhoids and ulcer colitis, and also as the preventive and strengthening cure for cancer diseases.

Additive in the form of ointment is allocated with the same pharmacological properties, as capsules, and is used for strengthening of effect of treatment of skin diseases, for removal of pains at diseases of joints and sheaves.


Use of the Spark cartilage is not recommended at children's age.

Additive is contraindicated to women during pregnancy and a lactation.

Dietary supplement cannot be accepted with individual intolerance of drug, cardiac diseases, and also during the postoperative period.

Route of administration and dosage

The course of reception of capsules, as a rule, lasts 1 month. The adult appoints about 2 capsules after food 3 times a day. The course duration, its intensity and a possibility of extension is defined by the doctor.

The ointment use course is also appointed by the attending physician depending on duration and a stage of a disease, and also specific features of an organism of the patient.

Side effects

Use of additive in the recommended doses does not cause side effects.

Special instructions

At reception of dietary supplement in large numbers for establishment of electrolytic balance it is necessary to increase receipt in an organism of potassium and magnesium, and also some other mineral substances.


Information on analogs is absent.

Terms and storage conditions

To store in the dry place at a temperature up to 20 °C. A period of validity – 3 years.

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Spark fat Body cream Spark cartilage of 75 ml

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