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Капли глазные АлкаинAlkain – the local anesthetizing drug used in ophthalmology.

Form of release and structure

Alkain release in the form of drops eye: transparent liquid, from slightly yellowish-brownish or slightly yellowish color to colourless (on 15 ml in polyethylene bottles droppers of "Drop Tainer", on 1 bottle dropper in a cardboard pack).

Structure of 1 ml of solution:

  • Active agent: a hydrochloride of a proksimetakain – 5 mg;
  • Auxiliary components: глицерол – 24,5 mg; chloride a benzalkoniya (in the form of chloride solution a benzalkoniya) – 0,1 mg; the concentrated Acidum hydrochloricum and/or sodium hydroxide – in enough; the purified water – to 1 ml.

Indications to use

Alkain appoint for local anesthesia in ophthalmology when holding short medical and diagnostic procedures at which bystry and short-term anesthesia is required:

  • Conjunctival scraping for the diagnostic purposes;
  • Cataract surgeries, sutural thread from a cornea or a conjunctiva;
  • Removal from a cornea of foreign bodys;
  • Gonioskopiya, tonometriya.



  • Hypersensitivity to drug components.

Relative (Alkain appoint with care in the presence of the following diseases / states):

  • Heart diseases;
  • Low content of acetylcholinesterase in plasma;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Epilepsy;
  • gravis myasthenia;
  • Hyperthyroidism and disturbances of breath;
  • The combined use with cholinesterase inhibitors (because of high risk of development of system side reactions);
  • Age up to 18 years (because of insufficient experience of use of Alkain for this age group).

Route of administration and dosage

Alkain apply locally.

The recommended dosing mode:

  • Tonometriya and other short procedures: 1-2 drops just before the procedure. In cases of need increase in a dose is possible;
  • Small surgical procedures (on removal of a foreign body or sutural thread): each 5-10 minutes on 1-2 drops (from 1 to 3 times);
  • Long procedures (for example, on removal of a cataract): each 5-10 minutes on 1-2 drops (from 3 to 5 times).

Side effects

Possible side reactions (it is frequent – 1-10% of cases; seldom – 0,1-1% of cases; with an unknown frequency – at impossibility to estimate the frequency of development in the available data):

  • Local reactions: often – burning of eyes, an itch, a conjunctiva hyperemia; seldom – destsemetit, diffusion stromal hypostasis, an iritis, allergic reactions of immediate type (at once after an instillation) which are characterized by emergence of an epithelial keratitis with formation of infiltrates and zones of a necrosis of an epithelium;
  • System reactions: seldom – system toxicity (in the form of excitement of the central nervous system with the subsequent its oppression); with an unknown frequency – photophobia, passing misting of sight, after a drug instillation, the raised slezootdeleniye, infection/opacification of a cornea with long loss of sight and perforation of a cornea (because of increase in the applied amount of drug).

Special instructions

Alkain it is possible to apply only locally, he is not intended for injection introduction.

After the end of surgical manipulation it is necessary to cover an eye with a bandage as the blink reflex is quickly eliminated.

At Alkain's use it is not recommended to use contact lenses.

Long therapy can reduce the effect duration in this connection for achievement of desirable anestetichesky effect increase in amount of drug can be required.

During the entire period of anesthesia it is necessary to protect an eye from hit in it foreign bodys, the irritating substances, and also before the end of the anesthetizing action it is impossible to rub an eye.

In case of development of symptoms of irritation of eyes or hypersensitivity use of drug needs to be interrupted.

After each use the bottle should be closed. It is impossible to touch with a pipette tip an eye.

If after use Alkain is observed short misting of sight, before its recovery to manage vehicles and to perform the works demanding the increased reaction and concentration of attention, it is not recommended.

Medicinal interaction

Data on significant interaction of Alkain with other drugs / substances are not submitted.

Terms and storage conditions

To store in the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature of 2-8 °C (in the refrigerator).

Period of validity – 2,5 years.

After opening of packaging of a drop it is possible to use for 4 weeks.

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