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Allergic cough

The allergy is a Одним из проявлений аллергии у взрослых и детей является аллергический кашельhyperreactivity of an organism, unusually high response of immunity to any influences. Originally such reaction has to have protective character. But its expressiveness is so high that this reaction becomes a disturbing factor. Hyperreactivity of an organism can be in the form of skin rashes, hypostases mucous, cough and suffocation, an allergic rinokonjyunktivit. One of displays of an allergy at adults and children is allergic cough. At the same time various substances (allergens) cause hyperreactivity from respiratory tracts (a trachea and bronchial tubes). Pollen of bloomers, hair of cats, dogs and other animals, household dust, medicines can become allergen. Allergic cough is display of some disease. It can be eosinophilic bronchitis, tussive option of bronchial asthma, an asthmatic bronchitis, allergic tracheitis and some other diseases. For establishment of the exact diagnosis it is necessary to see a doctor, to undergo inspection.

Symptoms of allergic cough

Certain symptoms of allergic cough help to distinguish it from other types of cough. Allergic cough frequent night episodes of the cough, almost total absence separated (phlegms) characterize repeatability of attacks after contact with a certain allergen. Often allergic cough is accompanied by signs of a bronchospasm, cold, conjunctivitis: the complicated breath, feeling of a lack of air, plentiful cold, dacryagogue. Symptoms of allergic cough at children same, as well as at adults. To establish the diagnosis sometimes appoint a X-ray analysis of bodies of a thorax, a bronkhoskopiya, the spirography. The therapist will be able to estimate symptoms of allergic cough, further inspection sometimes requires consultation of the allergist-pulmonologist.

Treatment of allergic cough

The first task in treatment of such cough is search of the allergen provoking attacks of this state. Here it is necessary to carry out the analysis of a situation in most of which often there is cough, its seasonality, communication with presence of domestic animals. Besides, specially developed skin tests will help with diagnosis. The standard lines of allergens which are used for this analysis help to establish a specific origin of cough. After allergen is defined, it is necessary to isolate the patient from his influence. If it is Для лечения аллергического кашля применяют специальные спреиfoodstuff – it is necessary to exclude it from the menu if an animal - it is necessary to give the favourite in a good charge. Sometimes influence of allergen is quite difficult to avoid. In this case it is necessary to try to limit at least influence of a harmful factor – several times a day to wash out a nasopharynx normal saline solution (is on sale in a drugstore), to use humidifiers. In fight against an allergy it is recommended to keep to the special diet excluding the key provocative products (a citrus, strawberry, fish, chicken meat, eggs, a peanut). Patients need to refuse smoking and to avoid the smoke-filled rooms. Also it is necessary to limit contact with household chemicals and to use only hypoallergenic cosmetics, cleaners. For treatment of allergic cough at adults and children antihistaminic drugs are widely used. They can be accepted in the form of tablets or be entered injektsionno. Rather often appoint sprays against an allergy. At their structure there are antihistaminic drugs, bronchial spasmolytics or hormones. Of course, the specialist has to choose all these drugs for the patient. Self-treatment is dangerous and can lead to an aggravation of symptoms. Treatment of allergic cough at children is especially responsible task as, ignoring a problem, it is possible to provoke development of bronchial asthma at the child.

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